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TED growing to be the open-sourced version of the G20 Summits.

Every year there are more and more TED conferences with multitudes of people getting involved not only in the talks but the speakers agendas as well. Ideas are spread and the truly great ones are being nurtured and become the base for even more ideas to branch off of. Is it possible that TED is becoming a platform for a new type of governing where the innovators are making the policies, raising the funds, and changing the world?

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    Jul 25 2012: An excellent summary of how a new model is transforming the world, and hopefully saving it can be found in the book: Macrowikinomics, by Don Tapscott (see his TED presentation) and The Third Industrial Revolution by Jeremy Rifkin What is exciting about both of these books is that they provide links to sites that are not yet well knows.