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If you had a legacy, what would it be?

Starting with WHY? would be the way I would create a legacy, and the legacy I am creating is that of a learning revolution.
We need challenges to grow as people, we are adaptable to change when we are at our best, we are inherently creative in our natural make up and we feel most fulfilled when we contribute to others. When we operate with our legacy in mind we can face any challenge, create and change. Our Contribution is what we leave behind.
Maybe the fountain of youth is found within legacy as we may not live forever but our legacy can!

I would love to know your legacy, if you would care to share it with me.


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    Aug 14 2012: My legacy, my passion is to show myself and the world the power of becoming creatively independent.

    I believe we are all highly capable of overcoming that which holds us all back - fear. That is the independence worth striving for because we can only truly change ourselves. And the change we make from within becomes contagious.

    How we keep our independence is where the creativity comes in - flexibility, joy, vulnerability, failing gloriously, self-observation, intention, commitment and ownership.

    I feel education, the act of drawing out that which is latent in someone, is the creative act of independence. And as a teaching artist and creative consultant, my hope is that I can do that for myself and thus for others.

    Thank you for opening this discussion. What a wonderful question for us all to think about.

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