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What life experience have you gained the most personal growth from?

I believe I am the co-creator of my life and everything which takes place. I have created for my highest good, in order to move me forward to connect to my true self at a deeper level. Thus, how I choose to perceive the event is immaterial. What is important to me, is what have I gained from the experience, so I do not enter the wheel of repetition(stuck).


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  • Jul 21 2012: Personal growth is a choice, we can choose to look at every opportunity, negative or positive, from a point of what can I learn about myself, how can I connect to myself at a deeper level, how can I take what I have gain and incorporate this experience into my being, or not. I love hearing about opportunities for growth, they are inspiring and hopefully, even contagious!
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      Jul 24 2012: For me it was in relationships especially parenting.

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