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Fashion Luxury personalization

It's my final thesisi and the concept is very simple: give to the custumers what they want( in luxury fashion industry)
. Nowadays there is personalization in the major of sectors as automobile, clothes( no fashion), food.
The idea is to create a new project in which a customer who enters in a Prada shop, besides the experience that is important, can choose everything about his cloth, color and something of the model.
This concept, naturally follow by a premium price, could bring a better service and for sure a better experience to the customer and, obviusly, more trust and satisfaction.
I would like to know what is your opinion about this concept.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Nicolò Talignani


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    Jul 18 2012: it could be good idea if you bring visualization for selection to people hands, than visiting different designers

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