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how much feasible it is to mix management with social welfare ?

management and social welfare is different areas, in today's world, welfare providers has started taking management approach which i feel creates more problems in society, for instance strategies of cost cutting or idea of competition actually creates for welfare which meant to serve society


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    Jul 17 2012: It seems you may be speaking of diminishing benefits? If so that is a natural evolution that requires government to ration the benefits.

    If that is not what you mean, I have read about Lean management philosophies being applied to government and reducing waste. It is actually remarkable and has been even adopted by government and unions and has had stellar sucess in reducing waste.

    To answer your question← Absolutely.
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      Jul 18 2012: of course (any)management philosophies if adopted gives success (many times but not every time), but this adoption reduces the scope of welfare (meant for everyone) to the managed welfare (meant for some) for instances government outsourcing its welfare activities to private agencies and that private agencies are headed some political or military figure. this actually reduces the clutch of government in terms of power and those private players(motivated by profit) creates biased society.
      In India most of welfare is done by state but now a days it has started adopting management fundamentals in welfare activities, like privatizing education has created newer private institute which offers you degree without going to school rather without studying and these institutes manages their welfare so well that it attracts more students (clients) same thing is happening in health sector, lobbying of corporate health care providers has created vast bias between rich and poor.
      all management philosophies are driven by ideas of maximization of wealth and utilization of wealth for those who adds to the wealth
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        Jul 18 2012: You do realize that the computer and internet we are talking on as well as 90% of the items you use in your day to day life come from corporations seeking profit? Government does not seek profit but if you don't think they cost you are fooling yourself
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          Jul 18 2012: internet and computers were not meant for common men , once it was outdated it was made open to the public. governments are not expected to earn profits , but they have started doing so under the name of welfare .. how much feasible is this ??
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        Jul 18 2012: Its not.

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