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Online adoption of street children

A system where one can collaborate with people of world wide web to adopt a street children working near by house, working in hotels, motels, dhabbas or residing near by slums.

This is an online comprehensive system for betterment of life of street children and their future where you create a profile of your adopted children, write about them, their background story and share their background story to social media like facebook twitter with your friends and family. This brings awareness to people around you for those children. You talk to people to spent some time with them, educate them, invite them for dinner or launch, or anything that they can do for your adopted children.

  • Jul 17 2012: I think this is an excellent idea that should make awareness and immediate help so much better.

    However privacy and security of these children must be the highest priority when implementing and using such a system. That will be very hard to do.
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    Jul 19 2012: Yes, I do agree but instead of donating money if anyone shows love and affection towards them. I think it is a good idea. and also the system is just like anyone is working on one single problem to find solution. you don't need to legally adopt those children but work as much as you can do. Even a moment of love will work.
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      Jul 19 2012: Very true. Even outside of the logistics, this is a powerful idea because it suggests removing the social stigma of interacting with street children in an emotional way.
    • Jul 20 2012: I also think this system can help children to be inspired and guided by responsible, compassionate and passionate adults (like Big Brothers and Big Sisters are in the North America). This is very important because it can make positive long term impact on children character and mental well being seeing that someone cares.

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        Jul 21 2012: BB&BS is what came to my mind as well; a great organization that has positively impacted a great many young lives. It is definitely an organization to look into. I also firmly agree with Zdenek about child safety; background checks, 2:1 ratios, GPS, etc.
        • Jul 21 2012: Yes Big Brothers and Big Sisters are great organizations. Thank you for providing that example.
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          Aug 6 2012: Thanks smith and alexander for suggesting something like that. Its a great organization and its mission is extremely good. Mission of BBBS: all children achieve success in life. by partnering with parents/guardians, volunteers and others in the community we are accountable for each child in our program achieving:
          • Higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships
          • Avoidance of risky behaviors
          • Educational success
          But In a country like india africa and any other developing country, Their is a large population of street children. who dont have parents and guardians. and even if they have parents they treat them as medium of income. They forced them for prostitution and labor work. This kind of idea can bring them a platform where you care to help them, teach them when you are free and bring some people to share time with them and fullfill their needs. as much support as you can provide. I dont want to include those children who is capable of getting a normal life in these countries. there are thousnads of slums across the globe. You can see the condition in the movie like slumdog millionaire.
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    Aug 6 2012: Can you elaborate? How will these street children gain access to the internet?
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      Aug 6 2012: Hi Chang! They can't but you can. You can become mediator between them and everybody else who wants a better life for them. You can find them from anywhere. They may belong to your neighborhood working in hotels, factory,slums or anywhere. You can adopt them as long as you want to.
      If one person is adopting one child think about it one day no child will be orphan and no child will become abandoned. Miseries of theirs cannot be cured by giving charity to those children. their physical need will arise at every stage of life. Its your infinite care and love towards them will bring a respect and ray of hope for them. Every body is busy in their life. If you give them a part of your affection and your care and bring helps from the people around you is more effective. This is your wish how long you want to serve one or many. You can also exit at any time. Their is no legal terms associated with that you have to serve them lifelong. Its upto you.
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        Aug 6 2012: Naveen,
        You say "you can exit at any time". What kind of an impact do you think leaving these children behind might have on them, after they have had your attention?

        I do not agree in any way with putting information on the internet about vulnerable children. It is much too open to the possibility of predators. No matter how good your intention may be, you are making vulnerable children more vulnerable. I suggest going through a well established organization rather than putting information on-line about children in vulnerable situations.
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          Aug 11 2012: Being on the street make street children more vulnerable, recognizing, resilience, strengths and resourcefulness of street children can help you to effectively meet some of the needs of street children. Their world is complex. These children are spreaded all over the world. To find them and treat them is also too much complex. So I want participation of community and from everybody. But in the society where you live obviously is something different from them. Then how could you find them and how could you trust them. Some people are bounded by physical, social and economic boundaries. They only can do is they can create awareness. And Internet- a world’s connecting place… I don’t think It’s a bad idea to start from here from this community.
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        Aug 11 2012: Hello again Naveen,
        Yes, children on the street are vulnerable....I agree. I totally agree with participation of the community, which can be accomplished in ways other than providing information about these children on line. Perhaps you could create a well established organization which has oversight.

        I will say again, that to put personal information about vulnerable children (that they are homeless street children, and where they can be found), is not safe for the children. Just as well meaning people in the community may find the children, predators can find the children as well.
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    Jul 22 2012: Beautiful.
  • Jul 21 2012: nice thought. I have some programming skills, let me know if I can be of any help.