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Iv'e looked in the FAQ's but still cannot find help for uploading a profile picture

I have a jpeg image that complies with all the terms TED has set out with profile pictures and yet it doesn't upload... It reaches 100% and just does nothing. I've looked through the help section and there isn't anything to sort this error out.

Can anybody help me and possibly others?

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    Jul 17 2012: Hey guys, so sorry, but the photo uploader did break when we updated our login system last week. Our engineers are working on this, and I'll let you know when it's fixed!
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    Jul 19 2012: Hi again all! The profile photo uploads have been fixed, hurray! Please remember to click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Edit Profile screen after your photo uploads, and avoid the embarrassing mistake I just made. :)
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      Jul 20 2012: Great! thanks for letting us know :)
      *goes off to upload*
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    Jul 16 2012: rename it to jpg. really. ted won't eat a picture with jpeg extension. it took me a month to figure out.
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      Jul 16 2012: mmm, I've tried twice with file names "chandelier.jpg", ".jpg", and just "jpg" but to no avail.
      Is that what you meant?

      this is a screenshot of my problem - http://turnip-stew.deviantart.com/art/TED-315032046
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        Jul 16 2012: so you don't have the same problem as i did :) next tip: make sure it has RGB channels. not sure whether jpg-s can have CMYK or other set of channels.
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          Jul 17 2012: Yeah, that doesn't seem to be the problem either.
          Ill keep trying though and post here if I find something that makes it work, thanks for your help :)
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    Jul 17 2012: I am facing same issue, is there a some serious solution to this problem please share
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      Jul 17 2012: If I find a way to make it work ill let you know, can you do likewise if yours starts to work?
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      Jul 20 2012: That's it fixed if you want to try and upload something again?
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    Jul 16 2012: What I ended up doing, Stewart was asking a friend who had those skiils to upload a picture. She found the one she liked with the characateur behind me, chopped my former boyfriend out of it and posted it on plenty of fish and then TED. I am using humour to inform you of potential side effect of taking my route.
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      Jul 16 2012: Heh, finding a nice image to upload isn't my problem, I've got one.

      I literally just can't upload it to TED because of what appears to be a problem with the flash on the TED website. Thanks for your help though, I hope you didn't get too many emails from prospective men :P