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What makes a TED talk great to you?

This morning I watched a profoundlly great TEDx talk. AS I wondered how to share it, I asked myself what made this so great that I think everyone should see it?
My answer to myself: It offered a practical and doable solution to saving many many lives, It was well presented and stimulating. The speaker was clear and without arrogance.

So now I am curious, (always am with apologies to those who are ticked off by that) about what makes a great TED talk to you. (also, I am happy to accept recommendations!)


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  • Jul 31 2012: Never.



    For being yourself.


    If someone doesn't like 'you', if they're 'offended', then you've just filtered out someone you don't really want to talk to... At least for now...
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      Jul 31 2012: You are cryptic here and I have no idea what you are referring to. I do not use any other social media and to your other note I never have been in Texas but I have read every word Ayn Rand wrote and if you are defending her honour., why bother she is dead and has said everything she has wished to say. Just read it all before you decide.

      PS What is the Randian oppose of love? Spellcheck?

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