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Be a master at one thing, or be highly capable of many things, but never excel?

I was thinking more along the lines of one area or subject. Examples could be sports, education, arts, etc.

Feel free to share any ideas. Interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you :)


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    Jul 17 2012: Why not master two things?
    • Jul 18 2012: In reality I would encourage people to master as many things as they can handle! But just for fun and discussion, if you had no other choice, which of the two would you chose?
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        Jul 18 2012: You can't simply master everything, and everyone isn't the same; some may never be able to master something, so what, plenty more things than where that comes from. Never give up on a passion though, even if you are terrible, like me and snowboarding.

        A lot of thoughts when suggesting being a master:
        + It takes 'time' more than anything else to be a master; practice and education.
        + Most important, as in everything else, desire!
        + A lot of factors go into being a master of any single subject, skill, ability, talent, etc.
        ++The biggest being the communities that would create the criteria of a 'master.'
        ++ Each type/group of community has their own culture.
        + Personally, I find that 'master' is the ability to re-master the terms of mastery. Reconfiguring and reassembling given data, style, thoughts, aesthetics, hypothesis, etc. and expanding, create new systems or thoughts to build on..
        +Being a master is no small feet, is all I am saying! Unless it is a self proclaimed master status, lol.

        If the question was if having basic knowledge in all categories - tense, that I can put my mind to.

        But, even as far as specializing - we shouldn't aim for one or all. We should aim to combine, work with and/or practice two, or even three.

        We are a generation of enhancers, re-innovators, and creative pioneers. There are plenty of sub- and sub-sub-fields/arts that involve the categories in which mastery or specialization (things). Need to inspire to create more of them and do our generational duties! lol I mean, to be an originator today is to reanimate older ideas, I would argue! The philosophy of video games, geometry of cognition.

        Random notes:

        + In college, if someone is a liberal arts student, you should be dual majoring or double minoring. Approach different fields, differently.

        + Also, the attempt to master something may be very euphoric in life.

        + Originality isn't usually original.

        My two only fields? Cog. psychology and humanities - both pretty broad field

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