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Be a master at one thing, or be highly capable of many things, but never excel?

I was thinking more along the lines of one area or subject. Examples could be sports, education, arts, etc.

Feel free to share any ideas. Interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Thank you :)


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    Jul 16 2012: I would spend time finding out what area pays well and mostly what you r purpose is.

    I would also note that knowledge is not just book learning the application is where rubber meets the road and in my opinion is infinitely more important as application is the acid test of finding out if you know it or you don't.

    There is also the idea of having to do something for 10,000 hours before you become really good at it. In this video (I recommend it for you) the one salient point is that quantity trumps quality every single time.

    • Jul 17 2012: The video was great! Especially in response to this question. It reminds me of my high school years actually. I never thought of myself as a "math person" or having a "math mind", so I never really put in the effort to go forward and ended up doing the bare minimum. Now that I am in college, rather than have the mentality that I am incapable, I put in the true effort and time it takes to understand concepts (youtube has helped me immensely). I believe patience plays a key role in that. I think knowing that there is struggle in learning and with time comes understanding, is really empowering. I only wish I put in those hours in during high school!

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