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Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!

We all have a unique course of action through out our day. Many of the conversation along with our friends or some that we hear from others talking at times surprise us and gets our brain thinking, but only to later ignore saying this might be beyond human reach. Have you come across any such question through your brain or from others which you think humans have not yet explored or researched or any unanswerable question?


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  • Aug 15 2012: Why do we have schools, if all they do is to ask you to accept and understand, and measure your intelligence through examinations, when actually it really doesn't measure intelligence but only how much you've remembered/accepted. Why do we learn about circles, log, angles, salts, chemicals, when the chances are you're probably not going to remember them? its not that I don't appreciate school, but why is the global education system like this? is it because it always has been, or are we just too lazy/out of ideas to change it?
    -thanks :)

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