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Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!

We all have a unique course of action through out our day. Many of the conversation along with our friends or some that we hear from others talking at times surprise us and gets our brain thinking, but only to later ignore saying this might be beyond human reach. Have you come across any such question through your brain or from others which you think humans have not yet explored or researched or any unanswerable question?


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    Jul 26 2012: What is infinity? Is there more than one?

    What is creation? Why do humans desire to create (and procreate)? All we really do is rearrange matter so what could we create that has truly not existed before?
    • Jul 26 2012: To your first question Definitivly yes. Please view the answer you seek on you you tube. BBC 4 - Dangerous knowledge. Enjoy your answer and having your mind blown!
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        Jul 29 2012: Still doesn't answer what it is and if you don't know what it is how can you be sure there are more than one?
    • Jul 26 2012: "what could we create that has truly not existed before?"

      This gets into playing with words and meanings. The obvious answers are,
      every child, every piece of art, every new invention.
      • Jul 26 2012: But really haven't each of these things been already created respective to where they're from. I would argue the opposite. Had it not already existed, it could never have been created. Feedback, self- organization, a reflection of the whole. The vehicle of entropy.
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        Jul 29 2012: I disagree Barry. Child, art, inventions are all just rearranging matter that has already existed. We didn't really create anything.
        • Jul 29 2012: If we all agreed with this idea, we could remove 'create' from our vocabulary.
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        Jul 30 2012: Hence the question.
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      Jul 27 2012: Oh i can't remember his name but there is a nobel laureate that has a vid here under the old ted that talks on infinity in a two part doco that i can't remember it's frikin titles-Damn!

      It helped me to come to the realization that, like he said "People have mixed up the word and have got it wrong"

      Infinity is blackness

      It has no edges,it has no sides,no visual distance,nothing,so how come there's more than one?
    • Jul 27 2012: We have the potential to understand feelings which is to create insight into who one is.
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        Aug 8 2012: ...which is part of our humanity, I agree. Understanding the nature feelings is part of our evolution and helps us to articulate our feelings. Otherwise they would just be a jumble of knee jerk reactions.
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      Jul 28 2012: I think that we create because without creation there can be no evolution. We are constantly in an act of creating and recreating. Without creativity we cannot come up with solutions. The human urge to create art for art's sake is to express our individuality and connect to others because we have the need to connect..
      There really is nothing original when it comes to our artistic creations, but that's not bad!. I've thought about that a lot when writing songs and I'd realize what I was writing sounded a lot like ... but the most famous musicians were inspired by the greatest.
      The only thing that makes me think, really think, is the mystery of fingerprints. No one knows why and will we ever be able to figure this out?
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        Aug 2 2012: A painter 'creates' a beautiful painting. However, all he really did was smear some paint around on a canvas. The canvas existed before the painting and so did the paint. All he did was mix what existed before. He did not create anything new. Did not do anything except apply paint to canvas.

        That is not creating. It is smearing stuff with flair.
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          Aug 8 2012: Even though it is not original, it has evolved, and comes from a divine source within that cannot be duplicated. Even when Bob Dylan was writing songs, he played around with other's ideas... guitar riffs, themes, chord progressions... but when he put his soul into it, it became something completely different. It may sound like someone else's song, but the lyrics and the intent are something different.
          The same goes for the painter. She is smearing, brushing, splattering from an individual source. Think of it as a mother giving birth. My daughter has my genetics... my eye color, physical attributes, even some of my intellectual attributes, but her soul is completely different. Whatever she creates is her own. Whatever the artist creates has his or her blueprint and none other.
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      Jul 30 2012: Infinity is, more than anything else, a concept related to sizes of things (like sets of numbers).
      and yes, there are many infinities. In fact, one can show that there are an infinite number of them and that they are of various sizes. Meaning, some infinities are bigger than others.

      Wrap your head around that one, lol
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        Aug 2 2012: Exactly. And if you have a small infinity versus a large infinity what is the standard that the infinity is measured upon? And there are an infinite number of them:)
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          Aug 4 2012: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'standard' but I think I may.

          As best I know it, the sizes, or cardinalities, of various infinite sets only make sense when drawn up in comparison to on another. I don't think it makes sense to think about things like the smallest infinity or an infinity from which all others are measured (a standard). To say, for example, some infinity A is twice Infinity B is nonsensical. All we could say, rather, is that A is larger than B.

          To compare infinities, one checks to see if one can create a function from one infinite set to another that is both one-to-one and onto. The function is just a way of relating the infinities. If such a function can be found, it tells us that the infinities have the same size.

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