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Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!

We all have a unique course of action through out our day. Many of the conversation along with our friends or some that we hear from others talking at times surprise us and gets our brain thinking, but only to later ignore saying this might be beyond human reach. Have you come across any such question through your brain or from others which you think humans have not yet explored or researched or any unanswerable question?


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  • Jul 27 2012: When you travel from Point A to Point B you are constantly crossing half way points. Starting at 100ft, you are half way at 50ft. At 5ft you are half way 2.5ft. If you are constantly crossing half way points, will you ever reach your destination?
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      Jul 30 2012: The resolution of Zeno's paradox is tied up with the idea of convergence.
      One can show (using calculus, or infinite series, for example) that in certain cases, an infinite number of steps in a process (like reaching point B) does actually result in a finite quantity. That is to say, the steps 'converge.'
      This is nice because, in reality, one reaches point B easily.

      But even these very good mathematical arguments can be disputed in clever ways. In considering such questions, one dives the unfathomable depths a philosophical rabbit hole.
      It'd be fun to do some research on this question if you're interested! But I warn that you'll likely lose even more sleep over what you find! lol
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      Aug 13 2012: This logic uses illogical reasoning.
      The world exist from wholes. Numbers are invented to devide those wholes and calculate their parts.
      Between A and B is one distance and no half.
      Half an apple is no apple.

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