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Strange questions that humans have not yet found an answer for!

We all have a unique course of action through out our day. Many of the conversation along with our friends or some that we hear from others talking at times surprise us and gets our brain thinking, but only to later ignore saying this might be beyond human reach. Have you come across any such question through your brain or from others which you think humans have not yet explored or researched or any unanswerable question?


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  • Jul 29 2012: Why are we often so afraid of anyone acting outside societies narrow view of normal.. What would be the reaction today if it was the first time someone milked a cow... Sorry sir not normal behaviour take some meds and lie down..
    • Jul 29 2012: Because there is a high possibility that acting outside society's normal standard may cause huge catastrophe .
      • Jul 29 2012: Is that a fear or an actual probability?
        • Jul 31 2012: Just a guess, but I suspect evolution developed this fear, as a result of the risk.
        • Aug 4 2012: Instinct, if you ask me.
          Obviously, we don't want to wind up in any trouble.
      • Aug 5 2012: It seems possible that evolution would stop if such fear based decision making were the norm.
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      Jul 29 2012: Don't you think that in modern culture there is great interest in entrepreneurship, discovering new paradigms, questioning authority, and even eccentricity?
      • Aug 1 2012: to some extent .. but within a measured parameter
    • Jul 29 2012: "Sorry sir not normal behavior take some meds and lie down." .Thanks for the chuckle, it is so true and easy summarized as you have done.
    • Jul 31 2012: not all fear the ones acting outside of society. i'm not afraid. also a lot of influential people, and leaders in the world, act different----from society.
    • Aug 1 2012: Regarding the comment about the first person to milk a cow: HA!! I always thought that must have been one desperate person ... perhaps they had a baby to feed ... if not .. everyone must have thought they were one big SICKO when the person walked back from the cow with a milk mustache on thier face!

      ( hmm .. but then I suppose it could have been worse ( YUCK) but that person would have definitely inspired pharmacology.)

      As far as being afraid to step outside of the "norm." I think it may be a herd mentality ... ( back to cows .. mooooooooooo!) If you are in a herd, you don't want to be the straggler, the one fool standing in an open field, or the nut-ball running in the opposite direction during a stampede ... especially if a mountain lion is nearby ( or do you??) Remember the Lemmings? Maybe it is sometimes best to go against the crowd ...
    • Aug 7 2012: When anthropology studies some new unheard of society with social patterns that are different than what is 'normal' in our society it sheds a light on the new society but it also puts a new light on our society and what we think is 'normal'. I find it more mind expanding than LSD. While an anthropologist was living with the 'Dobe Kung' tribe in Africa he discovered that instead of thanking him for a gift he had given the tribe, the tribe insulted his gift, which is frowned upon in our society. But once the anthropologist realized the tribe didn't want anyone to get a big head the behaviour seemed normal, almost. Hunting and gathering encourages practical behaviour for the most part even today. We evolve very slowly. Mutation is not encouraged. Even though two heads are better than one, a single headed human procreates more successfully.

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