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We need more cooperation than competition.

I was never fan of those Olympic individual person competing games.
I rather watch 10 people team vs 10 team peoples to compete.

The way I see competition that it Doesn't Matter.

In business, We see companies always competing against someone else.
A company is like an individual.

This Same thing as a student in school.

We are always competing against someone else. We are always trying to be better than someone else. Better quality. More features. Better service. We are always comparing ourselves to others. But have you noticed that when you compete someone else, NO ONE will help you. NO ONE. Your by yourself.

What if we wake up everyday from bed to work and ask what if we want to be than better than OURSELVES?

What if the goal was to do better work this week than the week before?

To make this month better than last month?

For no other reason than because we want to leave the organization in a better state than we found it?

What if we have 6,000 companies vs 6,000 to cooperate? Not 1 company vs 1 company to compete?

Why don't we all stop beating the sh!t of each other for the best. HOW ABOUT WORKING TOGETHER MORE

Why don't we NOT compete to be the best, BUT COOPERATE TOGETHER TO CREATE THE BEST

Competition for competition's sake is not good. To compete so that YOU strive to do YOUR best is good.

I envision a world where we cooperate more each other,and work together to create one better idea. We must us all work together to create a one better world.



Closing Statement from Steven Hsieh

“The goal is NOT to beat each other, but to IMPROVE and CHALLENGE each other.”

-Steven Hsieh

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  • Jul 21 2012: We suffer from a problem of perspective. We do not see competition as something which should help others, ultimately. Mostly, we view it as a very individualistic pursuit. The fact that companies cooperate, within, or with others, is in order to secure the most gain through such endeavors, and the rewards of such cooperation do not favor all of the participants equally.

    We also suffer a problem that is a result of being in a paradigm. The comment of Pat Gilbert says it all, "Ain't gunna happen, competition is organic to LIFE."

    Yes, competition is organic to life. But seeing it in a way where it is, "Dog eat dog," is not. It is a part of a paradigm, a system of thinking which has been developed and cultivated, and presides over us all. In fact, so ubiquitous is this paradigm, that we mostly don't question it. Instead, we say, "Well that's the way things are," etc.

    But perhaps we do not see the role of education in changing paradigms, in developing new behavioral traits, new thoughts, new desires. Yes, competition is inherent within our species, but the form has yet to be perfected.

    For instance, when competition does not benefit society, the equilibrium that society needs to operate (and which it has ultimately yet to achieve anywhere), becomes impossible to fathom, impossible to realize.

    Only when competition has been inverted, where each seeks to benefit society the most they can, and competes in this way, towards the betterment of society, will competition reach maturity as a form. Until then, it is only something which stands in the way of society's evolution.
    • Jul 21 2012: Fully agree with your comment because as we can see when we are facing the world of today,that we are a bunch of individuals wich dont coorperate but rather prefer to stay in competition.
      In the meanwhile we brought this world in a deep global crisis by our individual actions and still all the nations dont feel the urge to unite and work together and coorperate.(Rio + 20)
      Nature is showing us that we have to become equal to it bacause we are the only disturbing facto, and nature is striking back through huricanes,floods,fire and so on.
      Think if we are willing to succeed in any area of our life we have to coorperate like cogwheels in a system so that every one (small or big cogwheel) will benefit from the force we will produce together.

      And as we know in a integral world wich is totaly connected we only need a mindchange to produce this integral force.
    • E Pines

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      Jul 22 2012: Mr. Prosser, I find your perspective refreshing and deep.

      That the whole is greater than the sum of the parts is a truism of system mechanical, and natural. In it most extreme, we have the concept of the quantum computer, whose (Q)BITs form an entangled whole capable of exponentially greater computing speed.

      When the competition of an N-Bit memory is translated it into the cooperation of a 2-to-the-power-of-N, N-BIT element engine of instantaneous computing power (even at the existing prototype level of N=7), it is a wonder to behold.

      Imagine Humanity organized in a cooperative, mutually responsible manner -- competing for who can do the most for everyone rather than just for numero uno. Imagine this dog-eat-dog and pack-of-dogs eat everyone world transformed into a truly human society. Can we begin to grasp the problems that could be overcome, the universally beneficial accomplishment that could be achieved?

      I don't want to just dream your dream Mr. Prosser, I want to see it happen!

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