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Is being in an open relationship, in an intimate relationship, practicing open mindedness? How?

I have talked to some people in the past and they tell me that being in an open relationship is the ultimate form of open mindedness if you want your spouse or partner to be happy.

I personally don't understand how that is actually being open minded, but just a personal preference, though I think an open relationship is troublesome in the long run.

Isn't being in an open relationship another way of saying "I like you right now, but if someone else that is better than you comes by, then being in an open relationship allows me to pursue both of you or dump you for the other person"?


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    Jul 16 2012: I have had a relationship that ended because it was disfunctional even though she "loved me always and will always love me" the relationship had a problem from the beginning somewhere that I found the last issue breaking us up was not having sex before marriage because of a religions view. Even though in the beginning I was primed or groomed as a toyboy as my mum put it but she always had insecurity issues and intimacy issues that only drew me nearer and to fall in love with her. So I committed my part and got close... which brings me to think that if you love someone you only should share that sacredness with them and you should know this from the beginning of the relationship! why would anyone in their right mind be with someone just to gain at an advantage of another human that would be greatly happy and bennifit from being in love with the right person and having someone rightly love them. We went through many experiences that made us see the importance of not hurting the other person and it took us through to being engaged but this wasnt enough for this person to see I was committed even though this was the degree of the relationship religion still interfered with our selves and the potence of how we came together!!! so I tried many thing to try to conform to this person and still it ended up breaking up something that begun special and beautiful when we were together... I even went down the path of why condoms were invented and was it a catholic thing that god didnt want people to be together unless they were matramonally married (in which I still havent been convinced and have read my bible every day looking for that answer from God) cannot share what happens when to people have shared and are intimately involved in a relationship which is special and committed to stay together.

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