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What if people could donate to charity without having to lose a penny of their own?

In this day in age people are holding onto their money more than they have done in the past few decades and so (like everyone else) charities are finding it harder to convince us to hand over our money. My Idea takes this situation that we are all in and turns it into a win win for everybody.

We have survey websites out there that say they will give us money for a few minutes of our time to fill out a form, some will give us money and some won’t. Most people believe that it sounds too good to be true and so never try it, you can't really blame them. But what if there is a survey website that tells you that you’re not going to get any money and instead it's going to go to charity? Will you be more inclined to fill out a form knowing that the financial incentive has been replaced with a feel good one instead and therefore probably not going to be a scam?

Companies would first pay the website to host the marketing forms; users fill out the forms and earn a number of points depending on the type of form. The user would then allocate the points to the charities they feel strongly for and the money from the companies would then get divided up to the various charities based on how many points they have received from users. A leader board and a list of achievements would encourage competition among users and provide growth.

To recap, Businesses get more accurate research from larger numbers filling out forms, charities get more money and people get to donate without losing a penny of their own.

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    Jul 17 2012: There is a much simpler way to donate to a charity without losing a penny. It's called volunteering.
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      Jul 17 2012: Indeed, but unfortunately a lot of people don't bother.
      I hope this would take away a bunch of excuses since people don't actually have to leave their homes.
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        Jul 17 2012: Yes, you could call it volunteering from home.
  • Jul 17 2012: I think people should contribute to charity without any tax deductions for that.
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      Jul 18 2012: I was thinking about that too. Maybe include it as an option on the website?
  • Jul 16 2012: Just my two cents worth. I think you have a great idea. It needs some work, but it seems to be workable.

    Go for it. If you can't develop the idea yourself, just send it to some of the bigger charities and let them carry the ball, they have the most to gain.
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      Jul 18 2012: Thanks :)

      I'm going to a business expo in September with a hope to gain contacts, there is an opportunity for funding too.
  • Jul 16 2012: So basically sponsors pay for advertising on a website where people vote where their money goes? I like it. But, they have to provide bank statements online that say specifically how much money has been donated by the companies and how much was given away so that there is proof that there is no fund skimming, because that's the problem with charity organizations.
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      Jul 16 2012: Not advertising, market research*. Although advertising could be a component on the website it's not a strong enough incentive for people to go to that website and stay on it for a reasonable length of time.
      I see your point about the bank statements, I'd need to look into it but I'm sure there is an efficient way to sort all of that out? Maybe others on TED have experience with this kind of stuff.

      I'm still a student at the moment so I wont be doing anything with this at least for another year, but ill research about all the problems the TED community can throw at me :)
      Stone away...

      *An example -