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"Employers Wanted" - Job seekers posting their "employer requirements".

My question is: why are we trying so hard only to fit what a company is looking for?

I feel that employers should be considered partners. You do for them, and they do for you- that is a good relationship that will be beneficial to both parties and will allow both to progress. So why are we trying so hard to only fit their needs and completely push aside our own?

Ideally, before the workforce (or lack-there-of) had stomped on any inkling of individual dreams and expectations, we had once had a vision of what our perfect work situation would be. If you completely abandon those, how do you expect to find that one company that makes you want to be committed to them for years to come? Personally, I think that work should be more than just getting a check to pay the bills. It should ignite passion and inspiration. It should make you believe that you are there for a reason, that your effort is recognized, and make you feel like you are irreplaceable.

I’m sure you’re used to seeing the requirements on a job posting, why not create your own “employer posting” with your basic requirements and preferred requirements? These things could help you strive for something and potentially ensure your overall long-term happiness with an employer. This could also help you find ways to “interview” the employer rather than have them running the show. Your work is a good portion of your life so it’s important to consider what you’re willing to commit to.

Please submit your "employer requirements" below. Maybe an employer with a creative outlook will see it and appreciate it!


  • Jul 24 2012: I am a fan of Simon Sinek's talk on TED.COM about inspirational leadership, where the why we do something is shown to be much more effective than concentrating on what we do or produce. So my ideal employer knows why their enterprise exists and partners with employees that believe in the same vision. Also, I like to have the outlines of what I am to accomplish and the trust from leadership to let me accomplish it. In other words, no micromanagement. I find that when I am treated like an adult, I'm extremely motivated and productive.
    • Jul 24 2012: Deborah,

      Those are great things to look for in an employer. I, too, always like to know the reason "why" we do certain things. I think it helps get a better understanding of the business and its processes. Additionally, this knowledge can allow employees to be innovative in offering solutions that can make the processes better.

      Having outlines and goals can help employees easily know the expectations and figure out a game plan to get to that point. Micromanagement can hinder performance, so I would agree with you on wanting to be treated like an adult. However, I would like a manager that makes themselves available to help if I needed assistance if I get to a point that I'm stuck.

      Thank you so much for commenting!
      • Jul 24 2012: I completely agree about the manager being available to assist. I also look for someone who sees that helping function as a privilege of leadership, rather than a burden.

        I'm new to TED.COM and am relishing the interchange and the stimulation of the talks and conversations. Thanks for proposing such an interesting discussion!
  • Jul 24 2012: I'm new to too and I have really enjoyed a lot of the discussions people start on here. You really get to internally reflect and share honest opinions. It's a nice break from stuffy business talk :) Hope you find your ideal employer soon!