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What is purpose of Universe? What is purpose of everything and nothing. What is purpose of life. What is purpose of us (humans)?

I am thinking about everyday what is purpose of life, universe and why we are here. I love to get answer to my question.

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    Lejan .

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    Jul 15 2012: The ultimate answer to this has been given by Douglas Adams already:

    Quote: 42

    Answered? ;o)
    • Jul 16 2012: That's the answer to the most important question of the universe ... and everything. But we still do to know what's the question. The computer that was trying to find the question was blown up just when it was about to find it.
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        Jul 16 2012: Well, to me Aziz's questions are the most important question of the universe and therefore answered.

        If you know another one, please share! :o)
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    Jul 16 2012: Why does the universe need a purpose?

    Suggest this is just humans projecting their need for purpose.

    What gives meaning and purpose to humans is up to them.

    I doubt there is an absolute universal purpose to human life in the sense you are asking.

    There may be common themes about what enriches our lives, but nothing clearcut and absolute.

    And if there is we don't know what it is although there are so many different claims to know the meaning of life the universe and everything.
  • Jul 16 2012: Whatever you make of it.
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      Jul 16 2012: "Purpose" applies to intelligent design only. But how do you get intelligence? Is it evolved, like ours, or is it designed?
      What's the purpose of there being a creator instead of nothing? You could have another creator originate subsequent creators with intent. But what about the first one?

      At some point, purpose and intelligence pop into existence at the same time.
      So it's like Gabo says.
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    Jul 15 2012: Universe doesn't have a purpose, the universe is the result of quantum mechanics. That covers everything and nothing.
    But humans, if you reduce our state to absolute biological terms we haven't got a purpose, we're the result of 3.5 billion years of chemistry.
    Though this doesn't stop us giving things purpose. Like if you want your purpose in life to be to help others well good for you, you do that. Give your life a meaning and make it worthwhile because you only get one shot at it, one ride, and you want to make sure it's the best ride you've ever had.
    And just because our lives end doesn't mean they can't be filled with purpose. For instance, the last meal you had is now over, but at the time it had a purpose, which was to fulfill your nutritional needs. It's the same with life, once we're here we matter,once we're gone we're remembered and if you're lucky enough you'll inspire beyond your death.
    • Aziz NA

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      Jul 15 2012: Thanks for answering my quistion. But what is purpose of death.
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        Jul 15 2012: Well like I said in response to Mark whatever purpose we give to death is most likely subjective to perspective. But I'll go purely on biological terms as it seems the only reasonable answer I can think of. And it's simply to return your atoms to the world. It's the cycle of life and thermodynamics working constantly and that's the most I could gleam for a purpose to death.
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          Jul 16 2012: Could it be to set the stage for the next act?
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    Aug 9 2012: Your question is couched in the material.
    It comes from the scientific (material) culture we live in. Science has restricted itself to discoveries about the material world, and in doing so has made an implicit assumption that only the material exists.

    Science should be about knowledge discovery, unrestricted of assumptions, then if that discovery shows that the material is all there is then so be it. Unfortunately, at the moment it doesn't work this way, so as individuals we have to work it out for ourselves, or drink from the cup of (unscientific) religious authority.

    One day science will change to embrace all knowledge and will endorse the findings of people like Dr Dean Radin in parapsychology, and the findings of scientists like Logi Baird (amongst many, many others) into mediumship and the objective, repeatable evidence that there is life after death. And that therefore the universe is a learning ground for our eternal lives.

    I've worked it out and here is my take: The purpose of the universe is to provide a platform for nascent souls to learn the real 'facts of life':- things like love and selflessness. It is useful this way (I think) because such apparently terrible things can happen and we show/develop our true selves under such conditions.
  • JEFF D.

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    Jul 23 2012: WE as human kind, don't have enough knowledge and wisdom to find a direct, and definite answer to these question.
    however i can guess for now, that we are part of the universe, and we can all chose our own purpose.
    this is a very good question.
    the answers may vary, depending on how you believe the world, and us humans were created in the first place.
    for all we know, our universe can just be one, in trillions of universes. or our universe can also be a part in a bigger universe......and so on, etc. understanding whether our universe is the only one out there, or if its simply part of a bigger world, would get you closer to finding the answer. also we as humans do not know for a fact the origins of our creation. we have many beliefs, ( some say god, some say we are robots for a higher species, and some say we were created by nature......etc, etc.). the purpose of this universe, and our purpose can be the same, OR entirely different. its also possible that the purpose of life, and our universe ITS not universal. ( like the purpose of humans its for one specific thing, and that only, while for the universe it can be another) we all may have different purposes, on why we are alive and breathing on planet earth, or no purpose at all, or one big purpose for us all (all living things). these question are very hard-- if you do find the answer, will you stick to the purpose of life, or chose to do something else . we may all have different purposes, for a greater purpose. a lot of possibilities.
    i think......we do HAVE a purpose, because we were created. we are alive and breathing . we can also chose our own purposes. try to imagine all the different possibilities
    sorry i couldn't answer the questions. good luck on finding the answer!
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    Jul 16 2012: What is purpose of Universe?
    I guess earth is one of the creations of Universe , so are u still wondering why we have a Universe?

    What is purpose of everything and nothing. What is purpose of life. What is purpose of us (humans)?
    Purpose of life cannot be generalised , it is upto an individual to what he wishes to ultimately acheive...

    Purpose of us human beings : To make sure we continue to help people when required and remain cheerful all the time no matter what is the difficulty...
  • Jul 15 2012: Aziz,
    We could write a book here on TED to address your questions! May we summarize?
    2-Share knowledge
    3-Sort what we learn to assess value and purpose
    4-Help others sort
    5-Experience frustration, satisfaction, joy, sadness, discover self worth and develop self respect; not self overmuch love.
    6-Gain wisdom

    The Universe includes many smaller universes as we have discovered through research and exploration. It is easy to assume there are many inhabited planets considering the immense, humanly unimaginable Cosmos volume. This entire enterprise is of origin. We learn of origin by revelation; supposition does not prove reality, but only stimulates imagination. The purpose of the Universe of Universes is partially known, but not fully discoverable or known by human mortals. There is a center of it all that variously has been referred to as Paradise. Given acceptance by you for participating, you will likely find the Center. The purpose of advancing through it all through an ascension scheme is to learn, teach, and prepare for much larger adventures.

    Seem impossible? Think again. Since we are not omniscient, we are forced to get involved with learning! We are left to opinion based on what we know through discovery and by revelation. We cannot accurately forecast on limited knowledge.

    If there is no higher purpose, then what purpose(s) do we have for life? Dead end deduction is not attractive!

    You have good questions. What do others say?

    • Jul 15 2012: Yes you guys may write book about my question. I would be a very happy:)
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      Jul 15 2012: There's nothing I'd disagree with you there at all on Mark, just wondering if you'd agree that all meanings we give to things are man made. It seems paradoxical as a statement as in well of course if we give something a meaning well then it's man made but I mean that we've never found a good reason to suggest that the universe has a meaning or we haven't came to a logical conclusion where the universe doesn't end in a heat death. Or in that the extra human purposes such as learning etc are additions to the evolutionary purpose of life which is to survive. Which herein the idea goes full circle as to me you require life first before you get any purpose of any kind and it's also perspective based. Such as what's the point of a petal to us? Well they're pretty to look at, but from a flower's perspective they're mini run ways for insects to be attracted in by via the UV reflecting pigments within them. It just seems to me that anything which isn't alive doesn't have a purpose unless it's given one by humans i.e a fork, on it's own it's just shaped lump of metal but to a human it's the best way not to get you're fingers dirty when eating, which incorporates more perspectives. So in the pursuit of scientific honesty I've got to think to myself also what if the lack of universal purpose is just a human perspective as is the purpose of a fork to a badger. Though I'm much more inclined to suppose that it lacks a purpose.
  • Aug 9 2012: I believe by purpose you mean reason for existence and could seek to define the expected output from the universe's existence. Assuming our lives and the observable universe are a piece of a long ongoing process towards a final state of whatever exists I would say that whatever we see, say or do is a part of a long journey towards a final state. Our actions coupled with the many unplanned events that happen can either increase or decrease the rate at which we move towards that final state. Failure to attaining stability can only lead to a process which goes on forever and if it goes on forever it might not need a beginning at all. The purpose or objective of the universe could be compared to to a spinning top. If the top experiences resistive forces to its motion then it will come to a stop at one time...but what if those forces have the potential to cause it to spin in the opposite direction? The changes in our universe could be sinusoidal, with oscillatory states dependent on which forces carry the day. Life could be a product of the changing states. Life is evident now, it may not be in the near future but only to emerge again light years from now. When it does I believe the same questions about the purpose of the universe will still be asked!
  • Jul 24 2012: Recently, the scientists demonstrate that the universe is nothing. The mass is a subtance that in precence of a particle acquire some propierties that we call mass. This is why the mass dissappear when collide at high speed. As a consequence we are nothing. Only us can give purpose to the universe.
  • Jul 19 2012: purpose of universe is nothing, it exists it evolves, its there what more do you want. second question the same answer, third question the answer is from God, it is written. long long time ago in human life time.
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    Jul 16 2012: As inadequate as this sounds, I think it is simply "to be".
    In being, it is beautiful, spectacular and an example and inspiration.
    So are you. So just BE.
  • Jul 16 2012: Dear Aziz
    Our purpose in life is determined by the forces under which we are brought up. I think the culture, religion, philosophy and geography have a great role to play. We all watch TV without knowing the science behind its functioning. But that doesn't prevent us from being consumers. Therefore it is not necessary to probe into those mysteries. Leave it to some superior strength....
  • Jul 16 2012: THATS STH i think ABOUT everyday but u know what the thing is u cant answer such thing theres only 1 who can bigger then all of us is God in the last book he gave to us the Quaran he says one day the world will end .... so it will
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    Jul 16 2012: Dear Aziz,
    Are you getting the idea that different people have different meanings and purposes for the life/death experience? LOL!

    My "purpose" is...as you say...everything and nothing...it is what I perceive it to be in any given moment. My underlying belief and goal, is to live life with gusto, as an interesting, adventurous exploration. Hopefully, within that construct, I am learning, growing and evolving as an individual, as well as contributing to the evolution of all of humankind, other animals, and our environment. I percieve myself as very much a part of the whole, which is all interconnected with energy, so with each action/reaction, and life/death experience, there is an opportunity....in my humble perception:>)
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    Jul 16 2012: The purpose of life is to know God and enjoy Him. The purpose of
    death is to know God and enjoy Him forever.
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    Jul 15 2012: Hi Aziz.
    The purpose of the universe is to display the power of an omnipotent God.
    The purpose of mankind is to bring glory to our creator.