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Does prison work?

For a certain cohort of prisoner i.e prolific burglar,should we ignore the issues of why they commit crime or intervene and challenge?
I categorise offenders as Bad / Mad and Sad and the burglars usually fall into the Sad category.To ignore their issues and send them back onto the streets as they came in,is failing society and a backward step.
To engage with them ,deal with the issues and send them out work ready is hugely beneficial to all parties.
Reduce reoffending
Reduce number of victims
Reduce cost to taxpayer
Create a worthwhile being who could pass this on to future generations,rather than the alternative of becoming a career criminal impacting on our society in a negative way..


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    Jul 25 2012: from my point of view the majority of prisons in their current setup never work, on the contract i see it emphasize the criminal intentions specially knowing that lots of gangs were created in prisons!

    for prisons to be a place where it suppose to rehabilitate people whom were convicted with crimes, it should build programs that help them to get a profession and some sort of informal psychiatric treatment to help eliminating any hidden motives for the crime within the persons souls.

    Also we should have the societies look to the people whom were in prison changed, so instead of always blaming them and make fun of them, treating them like they are part of a social disease, people should treat the like human beings, we all do mistakes that either we can get the punishment for , or escape with none. So we should look with tolerance and give them the second chance to be good people again. also note that i am not saying the all criminals are same, there are some kinds of crimes that needs a special handling and this should be taken care off while we are building such culture.

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