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Does prison work?

For a certain cohort of prisoner i.e prolific burglar,should we ignore the issues of why they commit crime or intervene and challenge?
I categorise offenders as Bad / Mad and Sad and the burglars usually fall into the Sad category.To ignore their issues and send them back onto the streets as they came in,is failing society and a backward step.
To engage with them ,deal with the issues and send them out work ready is hugely beneficial to all parties.
Reduce reoffending
Reduce number of victims
Reduce cost to taxpayer
Create a worthwhile being who could pass this on to future generations,rather than the alternative of becoming a career criminal impacting on our society in a negative way..


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  • Jul 18 2012: i don't think it works. Not at all. But it's the closest thing we have to a solution and until such a time when a better method of rehabilitating someone comes around it is all we have.
    Second it depends on what we think a prisons soul function should be; is it to punish or to rehabilitate. By this i mean that of course prisoners need to be punished and that is actually part of rehabilitation but i am talking about the end game here, the soul purpose. It is no good punishing someone without hope of rehabilitation.
    Also as far as substance abuse goes and the thought that prison might be good way of cleaning someone up is a myth and i think the majority of people know this. I learnt this from my ex girlfriends Dad who was a criminal defence lawyer. All of his clients who suffered from drug abuse all claimed that it was easier for them to get their gear when they were inside compared to on the street.
    Again it's not working but its all we have for now and it might just well be the only thing that is the closest to a solution that we might have to live with.

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