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Does prison work?

For a certain cohort of prisoner i.e prolific burglar,should we ignore the issues of why they commit crime or intervene and challenge?
I categorise offenders as Bad / Mad and Sad and the burglars usually fall into the Sad category.To ignore their issues and send them back onto the streets as they came in,is failing society and a backward step.
To engage with them ,deal with the issues and send them out work ready is hugely beneficial to all parties.
Reduce reoffending
Reduce number of victims
Reduce cost to taxpayer
Create a worthwhile being who could pass this on to future generations,rather than the alternative of becoming a career criminal impacting on our society in a negative way..


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    Jul 16 2012: Great question.
    One the whole, prisons, especially in the US are not set up to work.
    The is a lot of money to be made in the prison system and yes there are an enormous amount of inmates that are addicts and not going to get the help they actually need. They serve inedible food and have little or no structure in most-such as cleaning/washing duty, jobs, etc.
    Yet, some great examples are the 10 day course of Vipassna, there is a wonderful documentary called Doing Time, Doing Vipassana in prison in Jaipur, India. These were rapists, murderers, addicts and all sorts coming together and being taught to meditate.
    Here in the US, the Department of Corrections in Oregon needed help defraying costs and put the inmates to work. One of the companies that grew out of this is Prison Blues. Inmates get paid and have a feeling of accomplishment/self-worth and the OCE is beefed up.

    The system is terrible. There are inmates that will be there for life and some that will be in for 2,5,15 years. They need education, jobs, training, and counseling.
    Why not have Edx or Coursera offer these amazing courses from MIT, Stanford and Harvard to prisons?
    Some prisons do have GED courses, there needs to be more.

    This is a part of society that is swept under the rug. It eats it own tail.
    Treat a human like a piece of garbage.....expect that human to treat you the same.
    • Jul 19 2012: Here where I live in Arizona, the only part of the state budget that was increased was for our prisons.

      Joe Arpaio is also infamous for bringing mental aspects of punishment into play, such as pink jumpsuits and food that is dyed to be the wrong color. Does it work? Nope.

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