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What are the instincts or human natures that we share? Will we understand us better if we try to think about where they come from?

Despite the personality and individual differences,we do have solid instincts ,or human nature.
What are these natures generally?
Where do they come from?

As a freshman here,I am quite exciting and thrilled to learn and communicate freely ,I am expecting to learn your opinons

  • Jul 18 2012: I think that one of the facts that makes this so difficult is that many of us are each full of seeming contradictions.

    Loving and hateful.
    Industrious and lazy.
    Peaceful and warlike.
    Cautious and bold.
    Deliberate and spontaneous.
    Simple and complex.

    It is very difficult just figuring out who I am, astronomically more difficult to figure out what I have in common with everyone else.

    And yet, in so many discussions, so many of us are quick to say this or that is human nature, as though this is common knowledge. Perhaps that is part of human nature too.

    Discovering human nature is one of the big questions, and science has only begun to address it. If science can ever discover the answer, it will change every aspect of human conduct: philosophy, ethics, economics, politics, education, parenting, etc.

    "Will we understand us better if we try to think about where they come from?" Absolutely.
    • Jul 18 2012: Yes, we ARE quite complex and thus Contradictory

      Perhaps these Complexity and conradictions come from the millions of years of human development and history.
      Each of us is the accumulated result of the human race
      All kinds of situations ,environments and envents through hundreds of thousands of ancesstors has contributed to make who we are today

      Is this the souce of our complexity and contradictions,and irration?
      • Jul 19 2012: Of course.

        A big part of defining human nature is determining what we have in common with other species and how we differ from other species. Exactly what makes us distinctly human. Is it qualitative, or are we basically a great ape with a high IQ?

        Addressing these questions through science is a huge leap forward compared to the notion that humans are distinctly different from all animals because humans and only humans have immortal souls. Whether or not we have have souls, these questions should be addressed by science.
        • Jul 19 2012: If we accept the theory that we human race, together with all other creatures on earth, have developed from quite original forms of life, perhaps bateria or so , then we should be courageous enough to consider that life is not magic, everying is physical,even minds,thoughts and souls.
  • Jul 16 2012: We do some solid common features,don't we?
    The willing to cooperate
    the passion to improve ,invent and make arogress
    the pursuit of equlity and freedom
    the pursuit of justice
    the sense of service and responsibility
    the pursuit of meaning

    Which of those are deeply rooted in human being,
    whichi are not ?

    What else features do you think we share ?
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    Jul 15 2012: The survivalist instinct is inbreed by evolution. The social instincts are further developments of evolution.
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    Jul 15 2012: There are two human natures, male and female, and they come from natural/sexual selection.
    One should keep in mind that instincts are never purely genetic ; they're always a result of how genes respond to their environment. We don't expect to see human nature outside human societies, in the wild.