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How to understand one's own experience of reality and that of the Other(s).

Preparation for game: develop a Secret Identity Card, a Secret Personality Card, Secret Psyche card, whatever but secret...for when someone guesses this card (perhaps Warrior Secret Identity Card), with its subsequent combination (a series of set prompts for answer or question and then 5 blank Super Secret prompts or ideas, or colors, or pictures, or moments, or whatever that you choose) one can say that guesser understands him/her/it self to whom the guesser guesses these things.

Stage One: Morality Experiences

Ideas of right or wrong in context of situations lived out. One only speaks of what he/she has done and how that act was right or wrong or what not.

Stage Two: Overcoming Suffering

Ideas of suffering both mental and physical.
Ideas of suffering due to change and conditions.
How are these things overcome?

Stage Three: Develop Secret gestures......Stage Four.....Stage Five.....


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  • Jul 16 2012: I LOVE it.

    How about this:
    The empathy game!
    One person interviews each player individually with 4 questions about such things as morals and ethics, as well as prejudices, values, and closed-mindedness.

    The 5 people all get asked the same 4 questions. Their responsibility is to create a character that has his or her own values, and answer the questions as that character. Each player also writes a short bio for their character. Then, the interviewer comes up with random names for the characters. He or she reads each bio, then asks the questions of the players. They guess from 3 possible answers listed by the interviewer. They remain anonymous as to who their characters where until the end. Each question is worth one point. The player with the most points once each character has been done wins.

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