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How we can start any business with empty pockets?

As a young man of all most 30, and having little success with earnings and transforming my ideas into reality. When you are not supported by any investor as well. I have red so many biographies of successful people. But failed to understand when they say "we started with empty pockets".

Purpose behind starting this discussion is to get more help, that how i can improve myself with your experiences and ideas. I will really appreciate!


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  • Jul 17 2012: Naeem
    You may be at the beginning of something very big.
    The world economy is going to collapse and people will need to know and believe that we do not need a world currency or world policeman-state to live, thrive, survive and grow in peace.
    We don't need money because things don't cost money - they cost people
    Things don't "get done", because of money.
    Things "don't get done", because of money.

    The world needs to know that we can keep producing the things that are necessary because it has always been people who have done that and not money.

    We need to make or force corporations to stay open, producing our basic necessities, under our control.
    The citizens of the world need to see this in action for no money will have value very soon now.
    However, those in power will want to introduce a new currency and the world (all of us) have to not use it, not "buy" into their new version of financial slavery. Live with out money. It is we who produce, not them. It is we who don't need them, they need us. It is we who are always left to survive with less and less money, so it is we who do what needs to be done, for we, for us, for one another.

    They fear us because they need us, We don't need them. We don't need their money. We don't need money. We need each other.

    We prove this time and again, when there are tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other catastrophes.
    Humans, without money, help, join in and solve the problems of others and themselves.
    Things don't cost money. They cost people.
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      Jul 17 2012: Thank you for your thoughts, I agree with you. We really are controlled by the institutions and Multi-Nationals! I still remember the launch of Apple iPhone, it was really a sad picture! People went crazy, and waited for hours for just a piece of led, plastic and silicons! And its expensive as also you have to pay for the applications to run this Parasitical gadget! Even the creator of iPod admitted in an interview when he was asked what really made his iPod a hit and made people crazy. His answer was nothing but a surprise!!He even didn't know why people going crazy after his creation, when its just a simple Mp3 player!!

      So we need to change all this crap! We have to decide something very quick. What i am seeing is a Another revolution, and its hitting very soon now!!

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