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How we can start any business with empty pockets?

As a young man of all most 30, and having little success with earnings and transforming my ideas into reality. When you are not supported by any investor as well. I have red so many biographies of successful people. But failed to understand when they say "we started with empty pockets".

Purpose behind starting this discussion is to get more help, that how i can improve myself with your experiences and ideas. I will really appreciate!


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    Jul 16 2012: Naeem,
    Read the story of Fred, who started Fedex.

    From experience I started a company with next to nothing and none of the skills that it required. I surrounded myself with people that were smarter and knew the how.
    Worked my ass off and it grew. It took 6-7 years and the company was doing multi millions.

    If you are truly ready to begin and have the belief it can happen.
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      Jul 17 2012: Thank You Sarah, Every word given out here, from you also! Has really given me some hope to change what was missing in my thoughts and doings. I have gone through some super brain storming about getting the course right on track, among my circle of my friends. That is why i have brought it here to get more and more knowledge and suggestions from my fellow TED community. I'm taking a note of every thing, and finalizing what i am going to put in front of me once for all!! Thank you once again, Everybody's thoughts helped and encouraged me to follow my dreams into reality. God Bless!!

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