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How we can start any business with empty pockets?

As a young man of all most 30, and having little success with earnings and transforming my ideas into reality. When you are not supported by any investor as well. I have red so many biographies of successful people. But failed to understand when they say "we started with empty pockets".

Purpose behind starting this discussion is to get more help, that how i can improve myself with your experiences and ideas. I will really appreciate!


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    Jul 15 2012: Some businesses can be started with little or no money because the founder possesses rare skills and expertise that could be traded directly without some lengthy process; some businesses start with meeting dire needs of the society, and money would flow to such as soon as the people have the awareness.

    However, not all businesses can start like these aforementioned instances. Some are very capital-intensive right from the beginning stage; and with such, people may think twice before investing.

    It is important for the aspiring entrepreneur to have an indepth knowledge and critical analysis of the kind of business that is about to be born, and what is required to start and sustain it.
    Sometimes its just a team of talented and passionate people that are needed; sometimes its the talent,passion and some money.

    Matthew 7:7 says 'Seek and you shall find'

    it doesn't say that what you are looking for is under your pillow, or under the root of some giant tree, or in the depths of the ocean. The most important thing for a business-minded individual is to know what is being sought, and to find it diligently.
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      Jul 15 2012: Indeed Mr. Anjorin, But don't you think the guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs (Late) they started when the things were much easier around them! And now things are very difficult, We are going through recessions, the economies are collapsing (i.e Greece, Spain). I have my personal experience that even if you have some Ideas companies want you to sell ideas to them. Because they don't want competition any more!
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        Jul 16 2012: Mr Ikram, This is a bit of a defeatist attitude. How do you know that things were not "hard" for Gates and Jobs?
        You have a special something....a special skill and you want it to go out into the world. Then find the people that are smarter than you and tell them your story.
        Keep telling your story until someone listens.
        Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken heard "No" almost 1000x's before someone said....hmmm this chicken is good, people will buy this.

        Tell your story, someone will listen. There are 100's of broke people with a dream holed up in apts/houses together in Palo Alto waiting for that moment to tell their story to a waiting Venture Capitalist.

        Tell your story.
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          Jul 16 2012: Thank you very much for giving in your thoughts!! Its not the defeatist attitude, its the environment around today created by the 1%. Why i said that the time was easy for the Gates and Jobs back then, they had less competitive environment and cost of the goods were way too less than today. You could buy many things with one dollar at that time than now! I have told my story and innovative ideas to the companies who could provide me the sources, i mean the money! But they want no competition, they want you to sell your ideas to them. And that is the reason the wealth has just shifted to only afew people in the world, and they want to occupy your dreams to make them more money! And far that financial institutions are concerned, They just want to double the money given out in the loans and it takes hell a lot of time for the one to pay back loans with higher interest rates.

          So it wasn't that hard for them to start anything! I have already asked similar questions to the world bank president, after his speech and a few company heads when they share their experiences! They just tell us to do this, do that, but hardly give us any space to move in our own pipe line!! And back then they had all the time in the world to do anything they wanted. For example, iPhone was came out from a company who was already an established group. Nokia, Samsung etc Establishing your brand today with out any sources is a giant task, also when these establishments are already in action. Do you think if you tell your story to KFC now with the same as they do, with more innovations, to ask for help, will they help you to set up something of your own? I don't think so! :) anyways, I really appreciate your words though!
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        Jul 16 2012: Dear Ikram:

        I think you should read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell it will not let you to start a business without money but tell you that how some of the successful people of the world face hard ships and what did they do to be successful in the world. There is also a 10 thousand hours theory of the author which might be helpful for you.

        And please do not say that the Bill and Steve started when the things were easier and now the circumstances are difficult. Why our forefathers were not too much successful like them because they were born and died as Kentucky was??
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          Jul 16 2012: Mr Hussain, Thank you for your thoughts! I know all the fundamental philosophies to be a successful entrepreneur! Can you tell me just one thinig, How many companies have established in past two decades?... The numbers are so staggering and this is actually what i am talking about!! Why all (in the family) have to work today for the survival, back then our forefathers easily managed all this! Isn't it?...

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