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I believe that everyone is an artist.

Most people think you have to be an artist to have imagination. That is not true at all. The thing is everyone is an artist. Whether your a student, teacher, athlete, scientist, doctor, the average Joe, etc. You are all artist. Everyone is. Every person on this planet is born with imagination.

I hear things like

"My drawing is bad"
"I'm not an artist"
"I cant dance"

Whoever says these are full of sh!t

No matter how bad you are at drawing. No matter how bad you are at dancing. You still are an artist. There is no bad artist. There is no bad imagination. Just different styles. Your style is unique and no one else has it except for you.

  • Jul 15 2012: I agree. It is unfortunate that schools, authority figures, parents, music teachers and others block creativity in people to the point where they do not realize that they still have it. As adults we must re-program ourselves and free ourselves from our childhood brainwashing. Emancipate the artist within yourself. Ignore "authority." Express your true feelings and thoughts in any form. That is the only way to reclaim your own life from ancestral brainwashing that has misled us all. That is also the way to end prejudice.
  • Jul 17 2012: We are all artists, musicians, writers, teachers, students, inventors.Too many people are closed off to the fact that they have the ability to create. Somewhere in their lives they decided (or were flat out told) that they are not ___________. This gets reinforced over and over and people become who they think they should be (or they don't become what they thjnk they shouldn't be). Give a kid a box full of sticks (or rocks or anything else). They will build things, clap them together and make music, and create games.
    Give an adult a piece of paper and a pencil (or a whole bunch of art tools) and some will say "I'm not a writer". Or "I'm not artistic". Or "I'm not creative". People have too much shame when it comes to being creative. They think it's not for them. It's for all of us.
  • Jul 15 2012: As an artist of wildlife, I am often told: I wish I could draw/paint like that etc. My reply: Everyone one is an artist. I can't cook or sew and those who can are artists too. It's too bad young minds are generally not shown how to use their imagination & or creativity.
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    Jul 15 2012: Your subject reminded me two poems of two poets of my language which sounded like as below with my naive translation

    First poet wrote
    "Not all but some are poets"

    Second poet replied....
    "Not someone but everyone is a poet"

    You brought forward good points.
  • Jul 15 2012: yeah ,,, i really agree with you ( EVERY ONE IS AN ARTIST) every one have apower to make agreat things ,, but only intelligent people who use this power and convert it to real painting :D you must not comapre your Creativity with others ,, you must trust your self :)
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    Jul 19 2012: I agree and believe everyone is unique, and has a unique art which must be discovered by each self. While I see art is a level of understanding, expressing and serving with peak performance with joy, passion, and patience. Art can be mathematics equation, thoughts, ideas, innovation, smart solutions, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, acting, constructing, and so on ... but no limits.
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    Jul 18 2012: Steven, Nice try ... but no cigar. I can draw flies when I don't bathe and play a tune that people says sounds a lot like a song they heard once. I would love to have the talent my son has ... I don't. At some point I feel it is important that we recognize our strengths and our weaknesses.

    As a coach I would never demand a poor athlete perform on the same level as a superior athlete. I must use the tools I have to the best of their individual ability. That is not art that is a formula for success.

    All the best. Bob.