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Where are we headed?

This is the start of something, Im not sure what but it is something that EVERYONE needs to think about. I am writing more and dont really care if you disagree, my point of view is important as everyone's is;

I cried tonight, for the first time since childhood.

It wasn't for myself; I have had my father die, as well as many close relatives, and long term relationships end since the last time I cried. It was for humanity and where we are and continue to head, and how funny I thought it was ; so hopeless its hilarious.
A famous scene from The Matirx a Major movie; the main character see's for the first time what humanity really was, sleeping people in the smallest of places.
Im not sure if this is what the filmmaker was hinting at, but it's my take. Everywhere I look I see city after city filled with 100's of condo buildings being built, each with smaller units than the last. All have 10's of floors with these small sized "living" spaces, with 1 or 2 floors on top that may be somewhat acceptable for true living; but are unaffordable for the average person. Not only are these the only places being built for average living, average people are forced to compete and pay top dollar and sign their lives away for these spaces, while the few on the top floors most likely have other top floor residences in other buildings and cities.
We are paying to be boxed in, and working very hard to do so. *no longer the picketed fence dream*
Over the last century we have seen a lot of advancement, but at the same time have circled back around to similar circumstances as our ancestors in the 1700's fighting monarchies. We now deal with a complete imbalance in wealth of another kind, something perpetuated through corporate lawyers and lobbyists. Democracies can only work if it is actually 1 voice, 1 vote. Not 5 voices controlling the policies, with the average voice being lost in dollar votes.

anyone interested in more?


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    Jul 17 2012: To move past wishful thinking, basic human nature has never changed. The good must continually fight against the bad. The only long lasting systemic changes have been achieved by technology (for example agriculture and medicine) or better social / political / economic systems (such as the rune of law or democracy). Technology is rapidly improving, but with better social practices it is already adequate to make the world a much better place. What the world need now is better social systems that provide a better method of democratic self government. Our present democratic process is inadequate to deal with our present problems. It is overly influenced by money, power and very shallow analysis by uninformed masses of people. It is more like a trial by mob than a public jury trial. Tribunocray is to present democracy what a jury trial is to trial by mob. Tribunocracy is what the world most needs now, see: www.tribunocracy.org

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