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The current (monetary, demotratic) system of society isn't prepared for people to live until they are 100 on average.

The system would collapse, widespread poverty due to lack of capital to support pensions, etc. Democracy cannot survive with people retiring at 60 years old and living another 40. I'm definitely no expert, but it seems like the government depends on our early deaths to carry on. My arguement is very opinionated, but I'm all ears. Please share with me your thoughts on the subject.



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  • Jul 22 2012: In my opinion, humanity system moves fast toward a need for total new economic system. Not only people after 60s are no longer needed to produce goods and services but even those who are full of power and young.

    Unemployment rates go up only globally anyone still expects to "create new jobs"? :). What if just in few years all of 7 billion people will keep in their hands a pill that will allow them to extend their lives for more than 1000 years? ("I work for GM 700 years...")

    One may call "parasite" a new born since he consumes and does not produce anything.

    What if the cause of "freeing us from jobs" appears not to be young or old age? What if the main cause appears to be automation and technological advances? Perhaps this allows one human to feed, cloth and house thousands like him.

    What if as temporary solution we decrease the work time: work days in a week, hours per day.

    What if as goal we choose to get rid of monetary system?

    What if your future is to push few buttons on your mobile phone and this way: arrange food, shelter, clothing etc. for entire year - cause this may be the only action required from you as "job" in an robotic humanity.

    In such model of economy - is still logic to have jobs, salaries, and "the one who works - eats"?

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