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The current (monetary, demotratic) system of society isn't prepared for people to live until they are 100 on average.

The system would collapse, widespread poverty due to lack of capital to support pensions, etc. Democracy cannot survive with people retiring at 60 years old and living another 40. I'm definitely no expert, but it seems like the government depends on our early deaths to carry on. My arguement is very opinionated, but I'm all ears. Please share with me your thoughts on the subject.



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    • Jul 15 2012: I read this, and imagine it's a drunken ramble. Please follow the topic of the debate which is not about whether or not you personally would like to live until 100, but what the government would do to survive when the reality is that peoples average life expectancy will be dramatically increased which it inevitably will do. Sorry to seem rude but seriously please at least read the topic and follow it to a degree lol.
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        Jul 18 2012: How do Matt
        Apparently my comment was also offencive to those in charge. I'm sorry I should have been less blunt on my comment. Away Matt I was sober but looking as we the people as a big part of the goverment I thought that was a good suggestion. Anyway Matt thanks for the imput. Lol got to keep them on there toes.

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