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The current (monetary, demotratic) system of society isn't prepared for people to live until they are 100 on average.

The system would collapse, widespread poverty due to lack of capital to support pensions, etc. Democracy cannot survive with people retiring at 60 years old and living another 40. I'm definitely no expert, but it seems like the government depends on our early deaths to carry on. My arguement is very opinionated, but I'm all ears. Please share with me your thoughts on the subject.



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    Jul 15 2012: You are correct... Not even close. Canada I believe is a fraction better off than the US, and Europe is slightly worse off than either of us in this department to my understanding... but this is one of the funniest problems the world has ever had. If only we would die sooner, or get in more wars like we used to, our whole economy would make sense again : p

    I think right now americans are paying for a system that can afford for them to live to like 73, and the greedy bastards are living to 78, something like that. You guys pay more, but you live even longer. Most importantly however, what you'll really find, is that we can't afford to burn oil and coal for people who will live to be 100. Once again you see how the whole wars thing comes into play, it's all very morbid, and avant garde.

    Luckily America "F*** YEAH!", we've got a back up plan. We've been feeding our children corn syrup for 30 years, so despite the fact that we've got a lower life expectancy then every western civillization... It's the only one with the positive economic trend, of going down : )

    That's why everyone looks up too us... We'ver got our economic s*** together.
    • Jul 15 2012: We need a new way of incentivizing society. Money wont cut it much longer.

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