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Ending Hierachies in the arts, medical, political spectrums and more

We all watch, as huge talent bases, do not get the "connections or resources afforded a few”, in the art world, and especially in the film and television, talent monopolies exist. This feudal hierarchy, of experts extends to the worlds of medicine, political funding, military and industrial spending and waste, corruption in all areas. How can the internet using open sourcing of information, change the way "secrets" and so called expertise, are used to exclude the rest of us from a transparent world, and greater opportunity sharing?
For example I am working to empower new film maker story tellers, using pre visualization software to create a visual presentation of their films, with full lighting, action etc and emotions, equal to the best out there, because of strong story telling. Thus technology can showcase new performance arts, films etc, raise funds and introduce new talents denied access.
Could the same be applied to medical practices, exposing vast amounts of waste and fraud? Political campaign contribution s exposed and reported on by millions, the view is a bottom up, watching and making world of inclusion in the developments in our world in various "quality of life" areas?

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    Jul 19 2012: I have always favored a meritocratic approach, whatever the field or area. But the first duty of power has always been to protect itself (Nietzsche?) and this prevails in every field and area. You have to replace the fundamental underpinnings of society itself (reforming education, political structure, economic systems, legal systems and pretty much everything, as it is all so interconnected). Is it too lofty? Not at all - check back in three or four generations. Perhaps we'll engineer it all within a shared global consciousness - which is just a huge number of people (as many worthies as possible) collaborating together for the split-difference good of us all, and the Earth as a whole. In practical terms I believe it all comes down to education. The more of that going around the more realistic a significant world change. But under the best conditions I'd still say it's a few lifetimes away before the difference becomes appreciable. The world is awry - we all know it - and there's no time like the present.
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    Jul 15 2012: Pat, excellent point about viral realm as a tool, as well as new internet platforms, that inform and entertain us. Altermatives, such as the independent film world, other new resources may be needed?

    Thank you
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    Jul 15 2012: At the end of the day the maxim "who you know not what you know" applies

    Beyond that it is all about PR which is why you see actors who are out of work doing all the charity work.

    You are not going to change the above.

    I would think your time would be better spent figuring out how to get your stuff to go viral?