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Agriculture in Ocean

3/4 th of our earth is composed of Water. We are finding difficult to get the required amount of water for irrigation. It is approximated that to produce 1 Kg of Rice requires 400 - 500 litres of water is required. A floating Island powered by Green Energy like Solar, Wind Energy can be a used as a piece of Land for agriculture.

Without considering the limitations, the benefits of this type of agriculture are as below:
1. Independent of climate change.
2. No need to worry about water required for irrigation.
3. We can escape out of Natural calamities.

I request your inputs on the limitations of such a concept.

Thanks & Regards,


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  • Jul 24 2012: Hi Arun.

    On 3. Yes, of course. Dont know why i imagined it floating in the middle of nowhere, when it only need s to be a few kilometers off coast. DOH ;-)

    I like your low-tech approach with bottles. Another thought - grow algae. The nutritional value is great, the yield enormous, and - dependent of algae type - it produces oil to make plasticbottles, tubes and whatnot :)

    1. At least a small automated algae/oil/plastic producing unit.
    2. a system of interlocking the bottles.
    3. a autonomous reliable robot to build the infrastructure from the bottles.
    4. crop.
    5. Solar-driven transport to land (a few km :)
    6. initiative to pull it off (The hard one).

    A final thought on this. Would'nt it be enough to lay out giant sheets of plastic with tubes in it, cirkulate freshwater in a closed system (with algae) and then pump the final product to shore? Even considering biodegradeable plastic and the need to change the sheets regularly, this should definately be duable..


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