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Why and how mood of human depend on color and intensity of light

I feel light controls one's mood. But don't know how the mechanism works.

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    Jul 20 2012: Human beings are highly influenced by the colours surrounding them. The data, however, is often hard to find. Look to interior design professionals (I know it is hard to recognize such expertise when we think of our work as lofty ande professional) are the keeper of such keys.
    Clour is or will be a major force as computer science accesses the knowledge of psychology in particulsr.
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        Jul 21 2012: Beautiful addition, Thanks Ed.
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    Jul 20 2012: For looking into how light, light intensity and color affect human moods I get the best Google results from the search term "light affects mood". There is quite a lot of professional material available.
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    Jul 14 2012: There has been a lot of work on these two questions- the connection between light and mood and the connection of color and mood. If you look for research into these relationships, I think you might be most successful if you search separately for light and mood and for color and mood.