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I propose that we heal with Super Better. If you like the concepts offered by Jane-like my comment-and increase your healing immediately! XO

Jane is right! We can improve our healing and our lives by participating in her applications outlined in her TedTalk. Super Better is a simple process to heal and expand the quality of your life and the quantity of your time in life:) I am going all out with the conept to assist in my healing process:) Are you in? Lets GO!!! If you "like" my comments and join into my discussion-this will also increase your health and lifesapn. XO :)

  • Jul 14 2012: I've just discovered Super Better by listening to Janes talk, and am super excited about applying it to my life. It fits in perfectly with ways I have have been exploring. I have fibromyalgia and my body tells me straight away when i have not taken care of myself.
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      Jul 14 2012: Yes! Firbromylagia is a tough challenge-YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!Feell better. I have had Firbromylagia for a few decades then morphed into Mixoid lipo sarcoma-fatal two weeks to live and Lymphoma large B cell nonHogkins-completely cured!!!! And still kicking to boot! I am here for you. have you tried any type of yoga at all? I have a great instructor, At the Gilda's Club at the Jewish Community Center in Whiitefish Bay Wisconsin, Josie Sheinbein! Wow!!! Flexible with what I can do at any given class day. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Cyrilla
  • Jul 22 2012: Well, thank you! You've a great story also and there is only ONE thing that I have really learned throughout my health challenges is that most doctors suffer from cranial-rectal inversions. Like most "teachers," they ASSuME that everyone is the same. If one patient has x and the result usually is y, then ALL people with x will y. False.

    During my last year in high school, it was suggested that somehow I had cheated on my SATS. As God is my witness, I have NEVER cheated on anything. I had to retake the tests with a proctor in front of me during the whole thing. My score improved. The powers that were asked how I could do so well when my grade average indicated that I couldn't POSSIBLY achieve those scores. Why?

    So, I told them: "You people have bored the hell out of me for my entire school experience. You assume that everyone learns at the same rate so you cater to the lowest possible denominator. So I had gaps in my learning. When I was told that 1 plus 1 was 2, I GOT IT. Then it was repeated and repeated over and over again so I tuned it out. Then I heard that 2 + 1 was 3. What in dickens was a 3? I'd been tuned out when the new material was presented.

    My physics teacher attempted to flunk me because I had the gall to read the entire book over a weekend. I was fascinated! Still am. That was, and probably still is, the mentality of some teachers. Mind you, I started elementary school when I was four because I turned 5 prior to the end of the 1945. No advanced classes back then, eh?

    To make a long story short, they put me into an accelerated semester that lasted a month. I aced all of my exams. Had I not flunked gym, I wouldn't have had to spend an extra year in high school. Yeah, I flunked gym because dodge ball really meant "Get Bev."

    My sincere prayers and thoughts go out to you; you CAN not just survive, you can THRIVE!
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      Jul 23 2012: I did not think I had beyond the two weeks given by the LipoSarcoma Team of Doctors. It is one year later. Everything hapens for a reason perhaps-I have a second chance-perhpas this is all by chance..................
      • Jul 23 2012: YES, you deserve it if anyone does. Doctors have not yet ascended to the level of God! If I believed my doctors, I would still be homebound, but MY MIND is stronger than their thoughts. And YOU have the same power I have, I know that and believe that with alll my heart. You GO GIRL! You are still with us for a reason; keep on fighting and you will win.
    • Jul 25 2012: Hi Bev:

      As a teacher I am all too aware of your experience and I am sorry for your suffering, physical and mental. Those of us with even a little bit of "power" can all too easily misuse it. I need to be reminded of students like you to keep me on my "secret mission": to make my classroom the place where learning happens; not memorization of facts, not rote, lock-step pedagogy. I believe the human brain craves new experiences and challenges. Each in her own way. My goal is nothing short of showing each of my students their own path to continuous growth and happiness.

  • Jul 22 2012: YES, YES, YES! After SURVIVING 5 heart attacks, an open-heart surgery, a carotid endarterectomy which caused a cryptic aneurysm to burst, causing me to have a MASSIVE hemorrhagic stroke...I am stronger and healthier than ever before. At the tender age of 71 years YOUNG, I expect to exceed 100 years of life and will incorporate this lady's concepts; I've saved the MP4 (and copied it to my Kindle Fire) and am going to use it as part of my peer visitations with new heart or brain attacks (stroke). Upon awakening from my first grand mal seizure in my life, I discovered to my horror that I could not talk. I made my LIVING with my voice as a Microsoft support engineer and teacher/writer.
    Then it occurred to me that Mel Tillis has a speech impairment yet sings beautifully. "He must use a different part of his brain to do that! It has to do with rhythm!" I opened my mouth and said, quite clearly and distinctly "A flea and a fly in a flue were imprisoned, so what could they do? Said the fly 'let us flee,' said the flea, 'let us fly,' so they flew through a flaw in the flue."
    The nurse who was watching me in ICU dropped her tray! The stroke made walking neigh unto impossible. Again...RHYTHM! So I tried dancing! Yup, it worked!
    After reading "Wheat Belly" by Dr. Wm. Davis, I tackled the most serious attempt to lose weight in my life. My will power has so increased that since May, 2012, I have dropped 83 pounds; today is 7.21.12. I hope this is permissible; I have a blog at that describes Dr. Davis' book and how quickly I lost the weight that is coming off of me. I literally have NOTHING to wear! Thank heavens for scrubs, else I'd not be able to go out in public!
    To Jane, may you continue to thrive and live a healthy 120 years. You have no idea of how much you have done and how much MORE you will do with a copy of your marvelous talk.
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      Jul 22 2012: I have heard great things about the book Wheat belly. You have a wonderful story of courage and healing. my best to you!
      • Jul 22 2012: BTW, Wheat Belly has so strenghtened my will power that I don't even think of putting anything into my mouth that is not included in Dr. Davis' suggestions. Just dropped another 2 pounds overnight!!!!
  • Aug 5 2012: I went to the site of Jane's video and below it I hit "I propose we heal with Super Better. Now what do I do?
  • Aug 5 2012: I'm anxious to get started!
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      Aug 5 2012: Start Now!!!! Watch the talk by Jane and you will see how easy it is to begin!!!! Good Luck:) XO
  • Aug 3 2012: My inbox got so filled that I had to delete most of the stuff in it. However, I'm glad I saw your message before I deleted it.
    My sister was once told by a so-called social worker that since she was blind and over 40 she could no longer learn anything. Thankfully, she has regained her sight and, of course, learns something new every day, even at the tender young age of 70. I'm 71-1/2 years YOUNG and fully intend to make it over the century mark. Since I'm now an almost full-time writer, I have to learn new things constantly and apply what I learn to what I write about.
    One thing that has helped me more than anything else is a book by Dr. Wm. Davis, titled Wheat Belly. Since I've developed spinal stenosis and spinal arthritis, exercising is virtually out of the question. Also, both of my rotator cuffs are damaged, causing intense pain on any attempt to exercise.
    DESPITE that, I have lost over 80 pounds in the past few months (starting in late April) and have slightly over 40 to go to get back to my "fighting weight."
    On my blog,, I concentrate mostly on the dangers of genetically modified frankenfood. The Federal Death Administration (FDA) has NO TESTS TO CHECK FOR HUMAN RESPONSE TO GMO FOODS! They rely entirely on the chemical companies to tell them that their crud is compatible with human life.
    Well...NO, that is not true. Breast cancer in men is increasing because of the estrogen in the beef they eat and the poultry they consume. Girls are entering puberty early as are boy because of GROWTH hormones in most of the animal products INCLUDING EGGS!
    Since switching to organic ONLY, my sister, my niece and myself have become noticiably thinner AND our blood tests have never been better.
    Since cancers take advantage of the growth hormones in the stuff people eat...I'll not draw any conclusions but methinks it makes sense. We buy ONLY grass fed beef, buffalo and chicken as well as free range eggs.
    Take care...
  • Jul 25 2012: Hi again:

    Here's a little more about me. I have been depressed most of my life. Even as a child, I remember feeling sad and wondering about what would happen if I died. Very introverted only child with a fairly dysfunctional mom and dad. Spent teen years and early adulthood engaging in very risky behavior and contemplating suicide fairly regularly.

    Fast forward to 54 yo. Diagnosed with several sleep apnea (LOVE my CPAP) and a wonderful psychiatrist; I am in treatment and on a path to find my true self. It's never to late to have a happy childhood!

    Love to you all on your journeys!
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      Jul 25 2012: Thank you for sharing your life story. Very Interesting. My yoga instructor, Rosie Sheinbein, at the Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee Wisconsin who teaches for our Gilda's Club (cancer support group named after Gilda Radner and supported by her husband actor writer Gene Wilder, aka Jerome Silberman) has use do an excercise for getting rid of depression. It seems that if you breat deeply into your "floating rib" it is impossible to experience depression because of the oxygen brought into your body. Sleep Apnea affects all aspects of your body's well being. Espeically since the sleep apnea interupts sleep and more importantly your breathing. I am not a huge yoga fan-however-gave it a chance to see what I could accomplish to gain back my strength during cancer treatments. I also have sleep apnea. I believe that the breathing has greatly improved my health, healing and well being. It may be worth giving it a try for you to experience great results!!! Good Luck and please keep me posted!
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    Jul 23 2012: Divine upgrades in action. Thanks, Beverly.
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    Jul 19 2012: What does Pohso mean? Jane is one woman I would really like to meet!
    • Jul 22 2012: It is an acronym for Professional Occupational Health and Safety Organisation. I "cheated" and Googled it.

      Goggling is not just a gerund anymore . I earn more money doing research for others because either they don't own a computer or know how to really USE Google correctly than I make writing articles.

      BTW, Kat, that was my nickname for awhile because I landed on my feet each time I had a serious ailment, but now they call me "Timex" because I take a licking and keep on ticking. I am with you, I'd love to meet Jane; I've used the software in my head to cure myself and I would love to learn much more of her theories.
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        Jul 25 2012: Hi. Pohso is a menominee indian word for "hello". Not an acronym. Oh that is funny!
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    Jul 17 2012: Why not?
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      Jul 17 2012: Pohso Kat! I would love to garner your support to help spred the information from Jane's simple steps to promote healing and well being. Sincerely, Cyrilla
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    Jul 17 2012: Raises hands over head for bonus resiliencey: !o! Yay!
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      Jul 17 2012: Yes! As Jane had her entire Ted audience particpate in the process-one easy step to healing strength was to raise your hands over your head or take three steps-which some of the the particpants did both. Raising your hands over your head repeatedly can help healing immediately. I just completed a year of medical treatments and this simple excersice helps me greatly!
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    Jul 15 2012: I would love to have the ability to help others heal like I had the opportunity to heal from a fatal dis ease. What can be done to spred the healing ideas?
    • Jul 15 2012: Well it looks like you've started already. Social media is part of the mix. Choose a catch phrase like Jane did. Do a facebook ad. Start a free wordpress blogg linked to fb and visa versa. That might get the ball rolling.
  • Jul 15 2012: Hi, I used to do yoga before I got FM. Since then it's a bit too heavy on my body. Downward facing dog or any other posture that puts pressure on my shoulder joints and arms kill me. My financial circumstances where also very inhibiting as I could not work for five years. Classes where out of my reach. I have experienced improvement in the last four years. I'm moving forward ever so slowly. Frustrating to keep to my body's pace. I'm seeing a biokineticist now. According to her some muscle groups have been over stressed and others have weakened. So it's a stretching, balancing and building up program. All good. Take care.
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      Jul 15 2012: Yes. I do understand the high cost of Yoga. I takte yoga classes offered for no cost at the Jewish Community Center through Gilda's Club. Gilda's Club is a cancer support group that was founded by the comedians Gilda Radner and Gene Wilder. The groups focus on heavy topics such as dying and disease treatments for cancer AND offers healing YOGA classes by Josie Sheinbein. I do have a close friend with Fibromylagia and he belongs to a group out of Chicago. We'll need to resource a good group in UK for you!
  • Jul 15 2012: I'm in!
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    Aug 6 2012: Watch the video. It is great!!! Start to implement what Jane describes in her Ted Talk immediately and you will begin to feel the results. Please watch and let me know how it goes for you. Sincerely, Cyrilla
  • Jul 25 2012: Hello:

    Thanks for the invitation. Loved the talk. I am pretty ambivalent about playing games. Don't get into the competition, focus on winning, find "strategy" boring. Not sure why. However Super Better is a game I can play with myself. I often use self-talk to stay focused. Usually, tho, the self-talk is negative. But now I can use this framework and the inherent goal of adding years to my life!

    Actually, I just want a happier life. More peace, serenity, love. Don't want to live to be 100 if the last 10 years are spent infirm, alone, depressed. "Paid is inevitable, suffering is optional."

    Thanks for starting this conversation. I hope to hear more from you and others about this.
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    Jul 19 2012: Good Morning! Yes, I would love to meet jane as well! Very inspriational. I am healing from a bout of fatal MixoidLipoSarcoma inoprerable-that is 9.8 cm warpped around my aorta and on my kidney and Nonhodkins Lymphoma. Last year on this day I was given two weeks to live. I survived!!! And now need to help others have hope and to implement healing techniques that get immediate results.
    Pohso mean , Hello:)
    Megwetch for your email. (thank you)
    Cyrilla cyrillaflowers@yahoo.comFace Book under Flowers Cyrilla
    • Jul 22 2012: Cyrilla, I was informed in no uncertain terms that I would NEVER walk, talk or work again. SIX MONTHS TO THE DAY OF A MASSIVE HEMORRHAGIC STROKE, I returned to my work as a Microsoft support engineer, trainer and knowledge base writer.

      Oh, I was walking, talking and, of course, working. Most doctors do not have the foggiest idea of what the human brain is capable of. I have chronic pain that I deal with using hypnoanalgesia. I've become so adept at doing it that I can stop pain in less than 3 to 4 seconds, just by using my brain.

      I MUST live over 100 years because I have SO many doctors to see get buried. No, I do not hate them, nor have I sued any of the doctor who messed up; all that would do is besmirch good doctors who made errors like any other human being. I expect the world to be perfect ten days after "I" am perfect.

      May you continue to grow, heal and prosper.