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I propose that we heal with Super Better. If you like the concepts offered by Jane-like my comment-and increase your healing immediately! XO

Jane is right! We can improve our healing and our lives by participating in her applications outlined in her TedTalk. Super Better is a simple process to heal and expand the quality of your life and the quantity of your time in life:) I am going all out with the conept to assist in my healing process:) Are you in? Lets GO!!! If you "like" my comments and join into my discussion-this will also increase your health and lifesapn. XO :)


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    Jul 19 2012: What does Pohso mean? Jane is one woman I would really like to meet!
    • Jul 22 2012: It is an acronym for Professional Occupational Health and Safety Organisation. I "cheated" and Googled it.

      Goggling is not just a gerund anymore . I earn more money doing research for others because either they don't own a computer or know how to really USE Google correctly than I make writing articles.

      BTW, Kat, that was my nickname for awhile because I landed on my feet each time I had a serious ailment, but now they call me "Timex" because I take a licking and keep on ticking. I am with you, I'd love to meet Jane; I've used the software in my head to cure myself and I would love to learn much more of her theories.
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        Jul 25 2012: Hi. Pohso is a menominee indian word for "hello". Not an acronym. Oh that is funny!

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