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If you are an engineering student, will you study to the PhD level?

+ stands for reasons to go for a PhD degree, - stands for the opposite. My considerations are as follows.

+: passion for continuous learning; undergraduate engineering studies really just touch on a broad domain of knowledge without going into anything in depth; the current technology has become more and more sophisticated, which calls for advanced expertise more than ever; have the chance to work more collaboratively with talented people of different backgrounds; higher positions typically require higher educations; it's hard.

-: a huge investment in time and money; could be too specialized in a single area thus losing the guts to change; not enough jobs for doctors in engineering; it's hard.

What's your opinion on this? Do you agree with me on any reasons I list above? What would you add to the +/- contents?

I'd love to see any debate based on your analysis or experience.


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  • Jul 18 2012: + if you want to become an expert and pursue research or teaching type profession.
    - if you intend to work in an industry. Some companies used to have incentives for staff or research engineers but those positions are disappearing in a lot of sectors.

    Ultimately it is a choice and desire for whatever the reason (position, title, expertise, etc..)

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