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What is the core of the supperbetter(The game that can give you 10 extra years of life) game?

Getting in connection with our true nature could be the core of the game?. What is this remarkable woman telling us?
I'd like to know your sense of this...

  • Jul 17 2012: I shall know what she is telling us as I carry on with the game. That process usually takes me three weeks to two months; the same amount of time as establishing long term memory: no coincidence.
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    Jul 14 2012: The basis for the Superbetter approach Jane described coincides to a large degree with Martin Seligman's (University of Chicago) talk and work in Positive Psychology. That is, that we can be happier if we make a regular effort to do the things research shows make and keep us happy -preserving our physical health, mental agility, and connection to other people, helping others, and a habit of "looking on the bright side." Jane's specific "game" identifies a few examples (like shaking hands with someone for a specific number of seconds or looking at photos of baby animals) of things one might do.
    I think the most powerful one is very specifically about cultivating a positive attitude by seeking three positive thoughts (each hour was it?) for each negative thought. This is similar to many people's practice (also recommended by Seligman) of listing out gratitudes.
    It is not unlike the song Bing Crisby sings in White Christmas: "When you are worried and you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you'll fall asleep counting your blessings..."
  • Jul 16 2012: I could not make any sense of "Ten extra years" in this proudly dysfunctional world, so I changed it to "Ten much better years"; which really feels worth working towards.

    My own positive thinking is to deal with real problems ending up with positive winning rather than with negative ignored.
    • Jul 17 2012: "Ten much better years" that's the key, isn't it?.. thanks you for your thoughts.
  • Jul 16 2012: My thinking about the topic "what is the core (value) of the supperbetter games is in 3 aspects: A. It is well known that positive attitudes enhance the body's function in tolerance and healing of injuries or diseases. B. As a consequence, it also drive out the pessimistic or hopeless view in ones mental stress.and C. the game also involves some physical activities, which, of course, is the best therapy for inactivity of a bed-ridden patient. This concept has been recognized at least 50 years ago and was applied to post heart attack patients as well as paralyzed patients after a stroke. All these core values have been discussed in various medical/health articles before.
    • Jul 16 2012: Thank you for your reply.
    • Jul 16 2012: Glad that it has only taken 50 years for a game to promise popular acceptance of the concepts. Orthomolecular medicine is still not widely accepted because it is much too effective without making trillions in patent revenues.

      I wonder if a "Super Better Orthomolecular Medicine" game would cut that Gordian Knot, too ?