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about reality .. whatever is out there for us (humans) is based on vision, touch, smell, hear and taste. Are we SURE, it's like that?

the world we deal with is based on our mind's interpretation of the 5 senses. We see things, yet we know we can only see a small part of the total spectrum, we hear, yet our audible frequeny range is short as compared to the full one, we taste, yet our tongue is the only sensor, we smell, yet we only have one nose and we touch, although we have a lot of sensors at the finger tips, we use other body parts to have the 'feel' of things ..
have we ever thought if that is it? i mean what we perceive the world to be, is it actually like that? don't these 5 senses make us believe the world is like what we have now? is the colour red actually red?

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    Jul 28 2012: ok...reality is "just" not based on physical elements...but what you store within you...

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