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Why do we still purchase a newspaper?

We live a time where news is accessible on the net, with easy access and reach. Yet people still buy a newspaper, when the same news is available as a ePaper on the web. Or a random search on daily news would suffice. Yet, we still have consumers who buy their daily paper for news. What could be the reason?

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    Jul 15 2012: answer is very simple---because its much closer with no side effects.
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    Jul 15 2012: I like the smell of newspaper. I want to touch it with my fingers and break it into sections. When I was a boy my father bought a newspaper on Sundays. Coffee and a newspaper bring me back to those days.
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    Jul 14 2012: printed materials including newspaper gives ease and provide comfortable thought flow to me..i think people always gets distracted from the 'heart' of content while they use electronic mediums , i still have hope that my grandchildren will read newspaper may be not like as i am reading, but they'll definitely read it :)
  • Jul 14 2012: I have been asking myself this question lately. I think in 10 more years we won't be asking this question and in 30 years, our grandchildren won't know what a newspaper is.
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    Jul 13 2012: People still purchase a newspaper, because it has better content than the internet, or the television... At least, it's supposed to. The problem with E and TV journalism, is that they are all about staying "up to the minute". When it comes to world events, the last thing you want to be is "up to the minute", you want patient intelligent analysis.

    CNN, and Fox "News", both reported that the healthcare law had been struck down by the supreme court because they were so concerned with being the first people to get the story on the air, they didn't even read the first page before going live. The internet suffers the same problems, with the addition of there being very few credible journalists, with years of experience in spin and manipulation.

    I think the newspaper will soon re envision itself as a weekly affair, and people will turn to it specifically because it took at least 24 hours to think about what it wrote, before it printed a story. At least, I think that is what the market is. Journalists on a newspaper can be paid to spend months investigating a single cover story... that's what television and the internet both lack, currently.

    Eventually the internet will probably fill this market as well, but I think the newspaper is going to be around for quite some time... in some form or another.
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    Jul 13 2012: The good old habit of touch, feel, smell and experience and performance.

    I don't know how it is for you, but i still struggle reading long articles on a computer screen. I haven't tried e-paper so far and I am curious how that may be.

    This trends in adoption of new technologies is described as 'phased adoption' or 'innovation adoption lifecycle' which may gives you an idea why newspaper is still in use today: