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A TED Youth Event Organized and Presented By Youth!

I'm 17 years old, and I'm from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Christchurch is an Earthquake harassed, dead boring city.
I feel privileged, and somewhat lucky to have found myself in the blur of this materialistic modern world, and am eagerly, and resolutely working towards the transmutation of my ideas into a reality.
I believe a TEDx event is just what the Youth of Christchurch need! Oh, and trust me, I've definitely assimilated the fact that most teenagers are most likely not going to enjoy or even sit through a 3-4 hour long 'lecture' on inspiration and/or telling them how they actually can become a millionaire (or happy) just by trusting their own thoughts.. so.. it's all about the approach right? And that's where the emphasis on 'Youth Organized & Presented' comes in!
Not only that, I wish to - (within the rules of course) make it that weeee bit more entertaining, by including musicians & other performances that must be closely related to the messages and purpose of the event.
I've read the rules and understand that I need adult supervisors, not a problem, but I think a TEDx conference that has Teen Talkers and Organizers could be a successful, anomalous approach to learning or inspiring teens alike! Or even engendering that genius trapped inside the walls of the deprecating teenage society.
I believe targeting the Youth is of immense importance because I mean... we're going to be running the world eventually, and we haven't had time to be 'roughened' up by the 'adult world', or all-too-often referred to as 'the real world'. I don't doubt that with age and time comes wisdom, but in the nicest way possible.. we have the most time!
I will ambitiously persist in obtaining a 'TEDx Event Organiser License' and would really, really appreciate any recommendations, words of wisdom or guidance or even fingers in the right directions towards obtaining this goal.
Thank you for your consideration :)

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    Jul 13 2012: This is great! I think that you could be a catalyst to something much larger. It is a large and consuming project, but if you stick to it many people will benefit.

    If I could give any suggestion I would say try, to the best of your abilities, to make it interactive. Our youth are use to instant gratifaction, something you can not get through lectures and talks. If you could, I would suggest trying to negotiate with the leaders of TED to have more than just talks, for the exact reasons you have stated above.

    I think that if you were to set up a series of booths that had a small activity, with the purpose of being both entertaining and a medium to the youth tools to be successful, it would have a greater impact than a series of talks.

    Even if you can not get around it, I'm sure your town could benefit from the talks. I wish you all the best.
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      Jul 16 2012: Wow, thanks Max.
      This is incredible input, and I agree with it completely.
      I will do my best to take heed.
      Again, thank you :)
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    Aug 3 2012: In addition to having talks with the normal Ted audience, you should also consider creating presentations for Teen/kid audiences too.