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The Middle East

What should be done about Jerusalem? It's sacred to so many different people, and the issue needs to be resolved before we have a Nuclear Crusade on our hands. What is your standing on the importance of religious values? Which religion is more valuable? Who gets Jerusalem? Why?


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    Jul 13 2012: I place no value on religion and its so called values change like season. Now the big question who gets it the winner as always. Who ever wins the next big argument between x and y will get it. I could say more about how I feel but it tends to offend many so we will leave it here.
    • Jul 13 2012: This debate is meant purely to express full opinions. Please don't worry about offending people. The whole idea is for you to tell who you think should WIN this argument, and why.
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        Jul 14 2012: Thank you Paul. I believe we should butt the hell out of it. We didn't need to get involved in 1947and we damn sure don't now. The way I see it those fellers have been fighting amongest them selves for a long time. No matter what we do they will keep fightin and it is so inbeded in them it has become part.of there culture.
        No good can come of us taking a side we will be hated by the other side. So it would be best that we back out. I woud also like to say you can really blame any country in the middle east wanting nucler wepons if one has it they all will want it. The biggest problem I see in that unlike the US and russia one of them crazy basterds will push the button. Which reminds me of that feller said the next war will be fought with sticks and stone. Now I must step away something is interfering
        • Jul 14 2012: sorry to see you go. I agree that the settling of the argument is none of our business, but it's a great big puzzle, and finding the answer is a great brain exercise.
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          Jul 15 2012: That feller was Albert Einstein.
        • Jul 17 2012: I agree with Dean. accept with the fact "one of those crazy bastards will push the button" If you remember from history class, so far (and hopefully forever) the US has been the only one crazy enough to push the button.
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          Jul 20 2012: Come on, don't just criticize America for it. At that time, we had no clue of the true dangers of the atomic bomb. Besides, I would rather save American troops rather than Japanese civilians.

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