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What is the key to happiness?

Whether it's the warm embrace of a loved one or an ice cold beer, a day spent fishing or a day doing nothing at all, Jack Johnson or Aerosmith, what makes you happy? Regardless of its simplicity or complexity, what have you found in life that makes you the happiest? This question goes hand in hand with an earlier question I posed titled "What advice would you give to a younger you?"* and is designed to allow the TED community to establish a list of all the things that make life worth living.

This thread will not only give you a chance to possibly help out others, it will also provide you a list of all the reasons you have to smile, all the things you have to be thankful for, and all the things you might take for granted.

* www.ted.com/conversations/12365/what_advice_would_you_give_a_y.html

-Casen Askew


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  • Jul 13 2012: Happiness is an instinct that every day gets taken farther and father from us every growing moment of our lives. Look at people who live in the Jungles and forests the plains, the mountains...they are happy

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