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Why do all humans feel the same ? Why not everybody has feelings different than the other ?

Happy, sad, disappointed .... all of the humankind has a restricted range of feelings that he can feel. Why is that ? What's the philosophy behind that ?

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    Jul 13 2012: I think it is because we are one in terms of the biological make up, instincts, aspirations and desires. Our biological make up and the fact that we live in the same environment(our world).
    We have similar questions about the vastness of nature, but we have different ways of seeking answers to such.
    Because of these shared experiences, it is hardly possible that a human being has an experience that is exclusive to him or her and has never been experienced by any human being.

    According to the saying, 'we are one, but not the same'.
  • Jul 14 2012: I suspect this has something to do with the fact that all humans share about 99% of their DNA.
  • Jul 13 2012: Just like the human body is the same and inflicted with similar diseases, the human brain is also the same. Feelings basically stem from thoughts, and the human brain, which is similar across this specie, follows a similar principle and pattern. However, it is intriguing that our cultures and different environment seem to have a restricted scope of influence on how we feel. Their propensity is more towards influencing the intensity and expression of our feelings (eg.: some cultures encourage display of affection, while others don't)
    We also have the collective unconscious, which may also play a role in determining the consistency of feelings felt by all human beings.

    I have shared my perspective, but it does not completely answers your question.
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    Gail .

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    Jul 17 2012: I don't agree with your core assumption (specifically the word "all").

    Some years ago, I began wondering about my emotions, so I began studying them - even the "bad" ones. I learned that emotions are based on fear, and fear is caused by mistaken beliefs. Fear-based decisions lead you to fear-based consequences that can otherwise be avoided.

    when you root out all of the mistaken beliefs and untested assumptions, you will find that how you experience life will be so dramatically changed that you will think that you have turned into someone else. Then you will not be able to ask the question you asked.
  • Jul 15 2012: simply because we are all humans ,,,, so we feel the same feelings ,, if there a new feeling it must be according to anew situation !! everyone will feel this new feeling when he in this new situation :D
    but if we take the concept of Subsidiarity ,, sometimes i ask ,, how babies feel happy or sad ,,as they are new in this world !! actually our god creat us and creat this feelings in each one just my opinion :)
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    Jul 13 2012: A fascinating question. To be honest, I've never thought it that way. I've always given to understand different people always have different feelings even toward the same things, because of their own situations and values. I think that we actually have a wide range of emotions we are able to possess. It's not just happy, sad or disappointed. We as human beings actually always have the mixed feelings, and sometimes the feeling defies our description.
  • Jul 13 2012: this is a simple answer, let me see ourself, we have 2 section, spirit and the body, spirit come from almighty, body come from our parents....so we can different skin color, language, etc...it's derivative from our parents, because spirit come from one, there is the same for all people, althought you be china, india, europe or the other....that's way all human feel the same...happy-sad-depression or something else, you can look people while sleeping, you can't talk or communication, but when we wake up we can feel anything, pain-happy-sad or etc......
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    Jul 13 2012: Interesting question...seems simple, but might not be as simple as it was first perceived....

    I would arguably say that everyone has emotions to be alive, survive, and individualize themselves in respect that everyone has the capacity to do or feel the same, but their experiences in their lives will never be exactly the same, ever.
  • Jul 13 2012: Let's think some more. When I first read this I didn't see what I see now. Human perception is so much more than just feelings. We can isolate and limit something like taste a great deal more. OUr emotions - There can be cultural aspects there too. Actually, er might get meor complicated go to general semantics and later NLP(Hall) look at multiordinals and staes upon states,eetc. consider worry about worry fear about fear anxious about anietry I mean meta-stating and emotions is not a trivial issue. However, it could be so much more than feeling as we see,hear smell, and taste. It varies so much among people and so much among species. Change this a little and run with it.
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    Jul 13 2012: Howdy Ibrahim
    Well we all those feeling but we all have a different level at which they kick in. What upets you may not bother me and what makes me laugh you may not find funny. That would be what make the difference in us. Now as for the philsophy that you would have to take up with what ever higher power you believe in. Would be my suggestion
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    Jul 12 2012: The philosophy is nature, and she improved communication this way.
  • Jul 12 2012: Hi Ibrahim

    I agree with Fritzie
    all these feelings have meanings. without them we can't life (or maybe we can, but we will live a robot like life)

    To answer to your questions -
    these are labels for feelings, we all have these feelings, but we feeling them in our own unique way.
    as you know we all are the same and meantime we all are unique.

    I can ask you similar questions:

    Why we need to be happy / to be sad / to be disappointed / etc ?

    if all we touch is warm, we can't know what cold is and how it feels
    we need to feel these feelings to distinguish the positive and negative in them

    I am not a philosopher, nor a scientist, this is what I could know about humans until today,
    maybe tomorrow I will know some more

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    Jul 12 2012: With the caveat that each of these labels represents not a uniform feeling but a category of feelings that may manifest differently in different people, I think the answer is that we have evolved in a particular way from earlier versions. Had a mutation arisen of someone with no fear, for example, that trait would likely not have survived because fear is an alert mechanism that protects us from physical threats. Fearfree would have died before producing too many little fearfrees.