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In this 21st century, Do u have the power to think out of box..!! Or you just follow the rat race..??

This is the need of an hour to overcome the rat-race and look forward for new opportunites.

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    Jul 12 2012: Hello Meenakshi,

    I definitely think, feel and live outside the boxes! We all have the "power" to do so, and only some of us make that choice. I cannot imagine any other way to explore the life adventure, than to evolve into all that IS outside the box. I don't really see any point in being here in the earth school if I'm going to follow other people's preconceived ideas.

    Perhaps it is not about "looking forward for new opportunities", but rather...creating new opportunities? Yes....I like being a part of CREATING new opportunities. Too many people are hanging out on the shore, waiting for their ship to come in. I swim out to meet it:>:)
  • Jul 15 2012: I am always thinking outside the box, but putting ideas into motion can sometimes run up against the rats.
    I live in an area of very narrow minded people & in most cases, I do not conform to their way of thinking. Having the means to relocate & put ideas into motion are not available at this time. So therefore I come to TED.
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      Jul 15 2012: Hi Gale,
      Think of them as kind, loving rodents, who have their own thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs and are offering the opportunity to challenge yours! That idea helps me travel the life experience more peacefully:>)

      There was a time when I thought... surely I must have been dropped into the WRONG culture...the wrong part of the world BECAUSE my beliefs and worldview felt so different from many of those folks around me!!! There have been times when I felt alone with my beliefs.

      LOL:>) I can laugh at that now, because I think/feel I know why I'm here:>)
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        Gail .

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        Jul 16 2012: If I did not think that I know why I am here with my own worldview, at this time in history, I would go mad. It surely is a solitary life for me here in the Bible Belt, but the Internet is a refuge and a reminder that I am not alone.
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          Jul 16 2012: You are not alone my friend. Feel free to connect with me through the TED system when/if you need a boost from someone who might share some of your worldviews:>)
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    Jul 12 2012: The word 'Be Yourself' has been said again and again. This is very important. But it is a herculean task in this century.
    There seems to be so much appeal in conformity. Influences by society and environment are inevitable; the individual still has important choices in fashioning out his or her unique identity.

    The honesty of the individual is a vital link. If one focusses on expressing oneself, or meeting a need, or explaining a concept that has been critically examined with sincerity; it becomes easy to think out of the box. This is because of the honesty and solution-minded approach of the thinker.

    But if one is just obsessed with 'thinking out of the box' without having a higher aim(honesty of expression), then one will hardly think out of the box.
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    Lejan .

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    Jul 12 2012: Thinking out of the box is no effort for many, it's in acting upon it were the power is needed. And rats create quite a strong current while they are running...
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    Jul 12 2012: I think the TED comunity is the best source to judge whether or not i think out of the box. They would be more objective but they have a darned good sense of how I think.
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    Jul 17 2012: To move past wishful thinking, basic human nature has never changed. The good must continually fight against the bad. The only long lasting systemic changes have been achieved by technology (for example agriculture and medicine) or better social / political / economic systems (such as the rune of law or democracy). Technology is rapidly improving, but with better social practices it is already adequate to make the world a much better place. What the world need now is better social systems that provide a better method of democratic self government. Our present democratic process is inadequate to deal with our present problems. It is overly influenced by money, power and very shallow analysis by uninformed masses of people. It is more like a trial by mob than a public jury trial. Tribunocray is to present democracy what a jury trial is to trial by mob. Tribunocracy is what the world most needs now, see:
  • Jul 15 2012: As a Buddhist, I feel no ill will towards them, but they do, at times, make my life difficult.
    I have never seen ants as a problem but instead as a wonderful civilization working within the dictates of Mother nature & what I could learn from them. The ants are just one example among many.
    I am a wildlife artist but my mind can just as well wrap around thoughts of the cosmos and other subjects that I could list.
    I come to TED to share my views & might even post a question in near future- once I am sure I won't be tarred & feathered. (joke)
  • Jul 14 2012: I should think so

    Let go of all, old ideas, absolutely.
    Is that good enough?
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    Jul 14 2012: What is the thought behind that 21st century could be a barrier to think out of the box?

    Well that's how the the question of the idea sounded to me ..........
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    Jul 14 2012: till we are humans we'll continue to think, new, bad or good things :)
  • Jul 14 2012: Im thinking out of the box everyone look at my burger idea!!!!!!!!!
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    Jul 13 2012: What rat race and is anybody takeing bets on which rat dies first.
  • Jul 13 2012: What box?
  • Jul 13 2012: Some of us have a lot more opportunity than others to do what you suggest. But I for one would like to stop living the lies that we live and go back to family, food, water shelter. That is who we are.