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"Housing For The Future"

1) How would you perceive a house in terms of life supporting system and quality of living ?
2) How does an ideal house should be in future?

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    Jul 12 2012: Housing For The Future :
    Given that half of world's population lives in urban areas, and rest continues to migrate, so its ought that we need to relook at our urban planing, homes tops the list in that plannig. Most of the emmerging cities are in developing world specialy in Western India, Eastern China and South Thailand, which are very densly populated, so houses should be multi storied to avoid space crunch, natural illumination and solar heating should be given importance to save energy, all homes should be connected to a city based sewage which on later stages can generate bio gas and mannures.

    House in terms of life supporting system :
    Indded house is a life supporting system, but given the fact that famlies are splitting to form nuclear units, house has lost its social importance, and only remains system to sustain physical requirements of life - shelter.

    Ideal house in future :
    Compact, energy efficient, with rapid mass transit system/ public trasport in close proximity.
    (answered in India)
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    Jul 12 2012: Having designed a few of my own homes, I would love the homes of the future to have moveable walls so spaces were more multipurpose, I would like them to be more independent. In other words we have the technology to make them energy independent - thus eliminating the need for community investment in infrastructure like the grid and sewage independent - composing toilets are a reality and why are we carrying the crap that is generated at my house past your house and into our water resources? And why do we let our rain water which could nourish so much and so many run off into sewers?
  • Jul 22 2012: One of the visions of near future makes us think that specialized robotic systems will build and modify the houses all around the world. One may not "have" permanent house in the future. However one may reside anywhere on earth he may choose at any point in time. If one decides to move today from one place to another computerized/robotic systems will prepare for him the new/updated house in advance according to his own preferences. Old house will be re-updated for other residents, transported to new location or recycled according to the most efficient way recorded into that system to preserve the environment at that time.

    No payment will be required - since robots uses abundant energy and resources we have on earth to build/modify the houses and maintain themselves.
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    Jul 13 2012: Sai, There is no magic one fits all solution. A home in Thailand would not meet the need of a house in Russia. Each region has its specific requirements.

    One of the things that really bothers me is that a man and wife (no children) can build and reside in a 8,000 square foot home just because they can. In the states we build housing developments for those who qualify and they are torn up and abandonded in just a few years. Since there is no consequence this will continue to happen over and over.

    Health standards, avaliable water supply, power, and build to some set of standards regarding the local environment.

    The question therefore becomes what is needed ... not what is wanted.

    All the best. Bob.