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why does the government have all the power and the people have none

this country was based on one thing freedom and the freedom of the people made this country to what it is today i believe that we are in a time when that is being threatened with people in power staying in power and only selecting the few to get in this cuts everyone one else out and in the end will lead to the demise of this country.
what do u think when you hear this?

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    Gail .

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    Jul 17 2012: 1. You have been taught ourtright and provable LIES about American history. You do not know that we lost our government in a bloodless coup initiated by supporters of a national bank and implemented by the Supreme Court that ASSUMED powers not given it by the Constitution. (the first time in history that a court GAVE ITSELF the power to overrule the rule of law.

    In McCulloch v. Marland, the court threw out the constitution as the law of the land. It said that the constituion is a guideline, not law - even thought the text of the constituion calls it the law of the land. It said that state sovereignty - that all states had until that day in 1818 was invalid - in spite of the conditional articles of ratification of the states who were effective in rejection the proposed constitution unless a Bill of Rights was added. The court said that the Bill of Rights are not really part of the constituion.

    This coup involved bankers who wanted national banks, but the 10th amendment said NO power unless granted, so the court said that the 10th really meant that ALL power is granted unless specifically denied, and even if specifically denied, government can still assume them using (unconstitutional) implied powers and given necessary powers clause - except that necessary powers do not need to be necessary.

    It turned a constitutional republic into what it called a system of checks and balances - which it is not because the court has all power. It did much more and far worse, but characters here prevent full explanation.

    Bottom line - because of poll taxes, the common people who fought in the Rev. War could not afford to object, and the government of, by, & for the people was given to the wealthy class that could now sell your freedoms to the highest bidders (just like today).

    How can we fix what's broken when so many believe a lie foisted upon them to keep the errors in place? Educate self and then others to shine light upon the abomination that harms U.
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    Lejan .

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    Jul 12 2012: The given situation is not contradictive to your statement, that the US was based on one thing only - 'freedom'. Free people choose to have it that way, they allow it to be and the government itself is made out of free people itself.

    In any given state, in any given constitution, even in any company the majority of the people has the power. The problem is, most of the time the people are not aware of this fact, but if they become and act accordingly, it's called REVOLUTION.

    History is full of examples that people claimed or reclaimed their freedom in revolution and some turned out positively on the long run, like France for instance when they got rid by themselves of their ruling aristocracy.

    So if the majority of US citizens thinks that the original idea of their state got devalued by the government and if they also think that voting does not help to change it back to what they wan't it to, then get united! That's what freedom is all about, that's what democracy is all about, but also: that's the catch!

    So if change as you imply it doesn't happen, your idea might reflect the feelings of a minority of people, or it reflects majority, but the circumstances are still not worse enough to get them out of the 'comfort zone' to start rolling...

    Actually this 'comfort', 'resignation' or 'fear' zones are usually treated very carefully by any ruling class, as this is a key factor for their survival. Within the ancient Roman empire this principle was called 'bread and circuses' and hasn't changed much since. And 'suppression' we can find all over this globe as well.

    So it's up to the US people what they really want. It's up to all people what they really want!

    And nobody said that freedom is going to be easy!
    • Jul 12 2012: I think you're a dreamer.
      Freedom also means free of coercion. That's a bit of a harsh word to use, suggesting that most americans are coerced in their voting decisions, life's choices and world view; however, you are raised in an education system designed to out-put 'designer graduates' to meet the needs of business and technological development in favour of broadly educated freee thinkers. Your news media and the dearth of advertising in all media platforms corral your ability to perceive the true nature of your life-styles, and cash heavy political markeying of candidate and advertising blinds you to the real capabilities and intent of your political candidates.
      The 'American Dream' died on the vine in the seventies.
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        Jul 12 2012: Dreaming has nothing to do with it as long as you haven't resigned already.

        That's what I meant in stating: 'nobody said that freedom is going to be easy!'

        Of course it is not easy to become a 'free' thinker within our standardised education system, which focuses more on forging good 'labourers' instead on handing over the responsibilities and criticism for the foundation of a society to the next and free generation.

        It boils down to 'information' only and what gets filtered out along the way 'down'...

        Why do you think WikiLeaks in no favour of any given government? Because it bypasses those filters, which can become dangerous to those in lead.

        BBC - WikiLeaks
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          Jul 13 2012: I am mystified as to the source of the belief that modern schools are focused on forging good laborers. This assertion is quite common and is never, in my recollection, accompanied by evidence.
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          Lejan .

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          Jul 13 2012: @Fritzie

          It depends on what you would consider valid evidence. To me the evidence is the static educational system itself, which labels its results for the purpose of evaluation. What more evidence do you need? To me education is as wide and individual as people are and most important, it has to keep their natural given curiousity alive. The given fact, that this curiousity is killed within the first year at school in most of our children is prove alone that there is a different agenda behind the system than personal development, don't you think?
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    Jul 12 2012: People do have power - Voting power..
    we choose the government and thats the biggest power we do have..we need to use it in an optimal way by choosing the right government..
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      Jul 12 2012: That doesn't work when no one is trustworthy.
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        Jul 12 2012: Now you have raised the stakes Mr. Jacobson. If there are no suitable candidates in the existing party offerings the next step is obvious. . . . . get suitable candidates and then support them with time and money.
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          Jul 12 2012: How exactly do you go about doing such a thing Edward?
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        Jul 12 2012: Contact your Precinct Committeeman and tell them you want to know how the process works. They probably won't know, but will refer you to to their boss and so on maybe all the way to the Secretary of State. Look at past unsuccessful candidates, maybe one of them fits your bill. Tell them you are on board and ready to help them get elected. Or, run for some local office yourself. Get friends and family interested in the idea of accomplishment through participation. Voice your outrage in a formal, careful manner every time an elected official misbehaves. This stuff takes time out of your schedule but it feels good to get a decent person elected. These things are possible in America, for now.
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          Jul 13 2012: It's good to to know such information. Someday, when I'm a bit older, I may just use this priceless ability.
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    Jul 12 2012: Being an outsider what I feel it happens so .....because through vote people transfers all power to government ............
    Moreover people are not organized but govenment is highly organized to do whatever they want to do........if needed by changing law, constitution etc etc....
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      Jul 12 2012: Salim,
      true we people transfer power to government by electing them and making them stand out inorder to take care of us and bring a bright future for us and even for the society.
      when we have the right to choose the government that we feel is most desired to be on power,we do even have the right to make the government abdicate if its not meeting our expectations.
      every coin has got two sides-the head and tail;if not head,then tail;either of one but not both.
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        Jul 14 2012: Chetan,
        Yes people have the power to abdicate but that only comes after certain years.......
        Even when people much informrd and well thought decision they take ?
        Many a times at places someone was elected for just being "HANDSOME"....or something like that silly reason
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    Jul 19 2012: It has to be because we tolerate it.
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    Jul 16 2012: It seems to me that part of the problem with US politics is the number of people who identify themselves as "republican" or "democrat" and don't seem willing to change their minds. In Australia elections are decided by swinging voters so politicians are only one gaff away from losing their job at all times. eg 2007 unemployment was 4.8% the budget was in surplus for the fifth year in row and the national debt had been payed off, but we still kicked out John Howard because he was looking a bit too comfortable after 11years in the drivers seat.
  • Jul 15 2012: greed, corruption, dishonesty.....stuff like that
  • Jul 14 2012: Voting doesn't work.
    That is a joke (a lie), and was proven in 2000.

    It is a well-used propaganda by those in power, and an illusion, to fool all the people, all the time, into thinking they can vote and it works. Politicians no longer solve the problems they promise to solve, the problems they create in order to profit from them, and they want the people to vote to continue the charade and to also keep them from using their real power and do exactly what the Declaration of Independence is still trying to compel them to do, by directing them and giving them the right and authorization to do so.

    The power of people lies in their numbers and unity.
    Action is the only thing that will work. Their power in action. That is what is lacking while the corrals are being built up around them.

    When a church, synagogue, wat, temple, mosque or any kind of building used for worship, burns to the ground, is the religion dead? Of course not, for it isn't the building, it is the people.

    Refusing to accept and abide by any changes in the Constitution is what people should begin doing. Refusing to obey any laws should also be followed, for the laws are only there to "create criminals" who may then be herded into the "private prison system" for profit, while those who make and pass the laws, break them at will.
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      Jul 15 2012: Cynical and incomplete. In order for a society to function civilly, action must be taken in a civil manner. Voting is currently the best facilitator of civil actions humans possess. While I agree that the current system in the U.S. is flawed in many regards and needs change, complete revolution is unnecessary, unintelligent, and unlikely to succeed. Some laws are flawed. The best way to deal with those laws is not to break them, but rather to support coalition and activism against that law. In other words, vote.
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    Jul 13 2012: The people still have the power, its called a vote. What you suggest is term limits. I agree. I do not like career politicians. I escourted my state senator through a high school and she asked simple questions to a government class and they had no clue. She even asked who their state senator was after being introduced as their state senator and they did not know.

    The problem is that we have lost faith in our government and apathy has set in. Big money buys elections. After the election the big players want their payoff. Read the list of frequent visitors to the White House and you will see where the power lies.

    We need a grasss roots movement that says we are tired of your BS and vote non-confidence in their ability to represent you. The politicians will never agree to term limits because they have voted themselves a fat check, fat retirement, and kooshie deals. However you can work to vote them out and send the message that it will not be tolerated.

    Ask these questions just to yourself: Who are the following: Mayor, county supervisor, governor, representative, senator, vice president, president. Get them all good. If not you may fall in the apathy area. Get involved and become part of the solution.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Jul 13 2012: The problem isn't that the people don't have the power, the problem is that they're too stupid to use it. People don't pay attention to all that is going on, so they don't know who to vote for. A large number of votes came in for President Obama because he was Black (I don't waste time being politically correct excuse me). An Interview was conducted that asked people in Harlem if they were voting for Obama, and to those who said yes (all) they were asked if they were voting for him because he
    -wanted to keep troops in afghanistan
    -was pro-life
    -had Sarah Palin as his running mate
    almost all of the people interviewed confirmed they were voting for Obama because he supported these three things. The problem isn't that we don't have the power, the problem is that no media source is neutral enough to put out all the facts and only the facts, with a big enough budget and viewing audience to make a difference. It's yellow journalism. People don't know what's really going on, and we all are suffering for it. I personally would like to see the Libertarian guy win (I'm libertarian) but a house divided cannot stand. The sensible people would rather have Romney than Obama, and the Lib. guy than Romney, but they're voting for Romney because otherwise Obama wins. Both candidates are supported by closed-minded extremists who won't lean any other way, so they have to sway the vote. Glen Beck said that unless you're truly voting for who you believe should win, you shouldn't vote. But, if you don't vote, you can't complain about the gov't, because you didn't do anything to change it. This is the dilemma faced by the educated voting population, making the choice an obvious but difficult one. We have the power, but we don't have the brains.
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      Jul 14 2012: A question Paul don't you see and feel the power of the people slipping away at a more accelerated rate than. Say 15 or 20 years ago. I would also agree as a hole yea the sheep are lined up and following blindly as per the script.
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    Jul 13 2012: How do Matthew
    We gave the goverment all the power they needed to take the rest. Its due to our lack of being envoled in the BS we call politic. Now we are being bitten by the monster we created and as a whole we haven't had enough and some still don't see the train coming down the tracks. My advise is prepare you and yours while trying to change the beast if you want.
  • Jul 12 2012: I like to compare our times to the time of the French Revolution when royalty and the favoured nobility held the lions share of the country's wealth, becoming so unconcerned about the needs of 'the people', that they had no choice but to exercise the only power they really had, in numbers, and through violent uprising, to overturn the system.
    Has the North American peasantry reached that ignition point of duress and oppression experienced in miseival France? No, I think not, and I doubt that it will. The wealthy and priveleged will always riise to the top in human society, and in our mofern world they are smart enough and aware enough to make sure that public unrest never reaches a breaking point. Corporations keep us in thrall to our consumer desires through the power of marketing and advertising. They give us all the entertainment we could hope for to keep us happily distracted through big-time sporting events (the modern gladiator arena), television, movies and access to ever increasing choices in the arena of 'Toy' technologies. Their news media guides what we will think about, how we think, and they answer for us how we should understand what they report.
    So, in the end, that's why 'government has all the power', and 'we the people' have none.
    I'll share another thought though. I'm not so sure that communism would not have offered a better way for us to organize our societies if more sophisticated a population had created it, and if communism had retained faith and the Bible as it's guiding principle.
  • Jul 12 2012: Well, I think that there are a number of ways to approach your question.In fact 'we the people' do have the power to change our governments if we wish to. A couple of things about that. The electoral process is our accepted way of making change. For people who want a change in face of leadership, or cosmetic change by way of new or altered laws, that system, in a geberal way, satisfies there need to have a voice. For others who yearn for more significant, or radical change, voting for change isn't an immediate or powerful enough tool.
    That democratis government is riddled with corruption, and that it requires a lot of 'back room dealing' in order to 'get things done', is difficult to dispute. However, since the human invention of government, that has always been the case, and it isn't likely to change. Neither is the reality that societies will always need some form of representative government.
    In our modern world, particularly in 'civilized' North America, revolution by the populace hasn't been a cause for fear in a couple of centuries. The power of the 'people' to control governments has waned as our prosperity and populations have grown, to the point where elections have become a sham as an indicator of our freedom. Society has evolved to the point where we are such that wealth, not public opinion is the avenue to real power, and that isn't likely to change any time soon.
    The only real power that 'the people' have .to engender real change is to break laws; in effect, to take up arms if necessary against the government that rules them.Libya, Egypt and Syria are countries where 'the people' have done and are doing just that. In North America, 'the people', vastly over-fed and living reasonably comfortable lives in a culture of corporate led consumerism, are unlikely to take the revolutionary path in any significant numbers. In effect, we capitulate our freedom and deeper desires for human expression to the power of government, corporations, and the wealthy
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    Jul 12 2012: Unfortunately freedom is the reason for these problems. As long as you have a mountain of money at your disposal, you can do anything you want.