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why does the government have all the power and the people have none

this country was based on one thing freedom and the freedom of the people made this country to what it is today i believe that we are in a time when that is being threatened with people in power staying in power and only selecting the few to get in this cuts everyone one else out and in the end will lead to the demise of this country.
what do u think when you hear this?


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  • Jul 14 2012: Voting doesn't work.
    That is a joke (a lie), and was proven in 2000.

    It is a well-used propaganda by those in power, and an illusion, to fool all the people, all the time, into thinking they can vote and it works. Politicians no longer solve the problems they promise to solve, the problems they create in order to profit from them, and they want the people to vote to continue the charade and to also keep them from using their real power and do exactly what the Declaration of Independence is still trying to compel them to do, by directing them and giving them the right and authorization to do so.

    The power of people lies in their numbers and unity.
    Action is the only thing that will work. Their power in action. That is what is lacking while the corrals are being built up around them.

    When a church, synagogue, wat, temple, mosque or any kind of building used for worship, burns to the ground, is the religion dead? Of course not, for it isn't the building, it is the people.

    Refusing to accept and abide by any changes in the Constitution is what people should begin doing. Refusing to obey any laws should also be followed, for the laws are only there to "create criminals" who may then be herded into the "private prison system" for profit, while those who make and pass the laws, break them at will.
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      Jul 15 2012: Cynical and incomplete. In order for a society to function civilly, action must be taken in a civil manner. Voting is currently the best facilitator of civil actions humans possess. While I agree that the current system in the U.S. is flawed in many regards and needs change, complete revolution is unnecessary, unintelligent, and unlikely to succeed. Some laws are flawed. The best way to deal with those laws is not to break them, but rather to support coalition and activism against that law. In other words, vote.

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