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why does the government have all the power and the people have none

this country was based on one thing freedom and the freedom of the people made this country to what it is today i believe that we are in a time when that is being threatened with people in power staying in power and only selecting the few to get in this cuts everyone one else out and in the end will lead to the demise of this country.
what do u think when you hear this?


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    Jul 12 2012: The given situation is not contradictive to your statement, that the US was based on one thing only - 'freedom'. Free people choose to have it that way, they allow it to be and the government itself is made out of free people itself.

    In any given state, in any given constitution, even in any company the majority of the people has the power. The problem is, most of the time the people are not aware of this fact, but if they become and act accordingly, it's called REVOLUTION.

    History is full of examples that people claimed or reclaimed their freedom in revolution and some turned out positively on the long run, like France for instance when they got rid by themselves of their ruling aristocracy.

    So if the majority of US citizens thinks that the original idea of their state got devalued by the government and if they also think that voting does not help to change it back to what they wan't it to, then get united! That's what freedom is all about, that's what democracy is all about, but also: that's the catch!

    So if change as you imply it doesn't happen, your idea might reflect the feelings of a minority of people, or it reflects majority, but the circumstances are still not worse enough to get them out of the 'comfort zone' to start rolling...

    Actually this 'comfort', 'resignation' or 'fear' zones are usually treated very carefully by any ruling class, as this is a key factor for their survival. Within the ancient Roman empire this principle was called 'bread and circuses' and hasn't changed much since. And 'suppression' we can find all over this globe as well.

    So it's up to the US people what they really want. It's up to all people what they really want!

    And nobody said that freedom is going to be easy!
    • Jul 12 2012: I think you're a dreamer.
      Freedom also means free of coercion. That's a bit of a harsh word to use, suggesting that most americans are coerced in their voting decisions, life's choices and world view; however, you are raised in an education system designed to out-put 'designer graduates' to meet the needs of business and technological development in favour of broadly educated freee thinkers. Your news media and the dearth of advertising in all media platforms corral your ability to perceive the true nature of your life-styles, and cash heavy political markeying of candidate and advertising blinds you to the real capabilities and intent of your political candidates.
      The 'American Dream' died on the vine in the seventies.
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        Jul 12 2012: Dreaming has nothing to do with it as long as you haven't resigned already.

        That's what I meant in stating: 'nobody said that freedom is going to be easy!'

        Of course it is not easy to become a 'free' thinker within our standardised education system, which focuses more on forging good 'labourers' instead on handing over the responsibilities and criticism for the foundation of a society to the next and free generation.

        It boils down to 'information' only and what gets filtered out along the way 'down'...

        Why do you think WikiLeaks in no favour of any given government? Because it bypasses those filters, which can become dangerous to those in lead.

        BBC - WikiLeaks
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          Jul 13 2012: I am mystified as to the source of the belief that modern schools are focused on forging good laborers. This assertion is quite common and is never, in my recollection, accompanied by evidence.
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          Jul 13 2012: @Fritzie

          It depends on what you would consider valid evidence. To me the evidence is the static educational system itself, which labels its results for the purpose of evaluation. What more evidence do you need? To me education is as wide and individual as people are and most important, it has to keep their natural given curiousity alive. The given fact, that this curiousity is killed within the first year at school in most of our children is prove alone that there is a different agenda behind the system than personal development, don't you think?

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