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why does the government have all the power and the people have none

this country was based on one thing freedom and the freedom of the people made this country to what it is today i believe that we are in a time when that is being threatened with people in power staying in power and only selecting the few to get in this cuts everyone one else out and in the end will lead to the demise of this country.
what do u think when you hear this?


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  • Jul 12 2012: I like to compare our times to the time of the French Revolution when royalty and the favoured nobility held the lions share of the country's wealth, becoming so unconcerned about the needs of 'the people', that they had no choice but to exercise the only power they really had, in numbers, and through violent uprising, to overturn the system.
    Has the North American peasantry reached that ignition point of duress and oppression experienced in miseival France? No, I think not, and I doubt that it will. The wealthy and priveleged will always riise to the top in human society, and in our mofern world they are smart enough and aware enough to make sure that public unrest never reaches a breaking point. Corporations keep us in thrall to our consumer desires through the power of marketing and advertising. They give us all the entertainment we could hope for to keep us happily distracted through big-time sporting events (the modern gladiator arena), television, movies and access to ever increasing choices in the arena of 'Toy' technologies. Their news media guides what we will think about, how we think, and they answer for us how we should understand what they report.
    So, in the end, that's why 'government has all the power', and 'we the people' have none.
    I'll share another thought though. I'm not so sure that communism would not have offered a better way for us to organize our societies if more sophisticated a population had created it, and if communism had retained faith and the Bible as it's guiding principle.

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