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"Free Will" or genetic illusion for promoting self-survival?

So I'm at the pub (talking about The Avengers of all things, and why we find it strange to mix mythology with science) when this very English voice behind me says "Can I just say that I'm a lecturer in genetics and I find your discussion simply fascinating." Oh boy, he should so not have introduced himself that way... by the end of the night (morning actually, 4a.m.) we went from how cool Hulk looked to "IS free will "real", or simply just a trick played on "us" by our collective atomic energies, being "I am legion, for we are many" - but the many called the unified collective "I"?"

Example: Alpha Males have been shown to have weak immune systems. Could it not simply be the case of the collective genes "recognizing" it's weakness and so takes on an "Alpha Male" personality to protect itself?


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    Jul 12 2012: An intersting experiment would be to find out how far apparent altruistic behaviours can reach between increasingly genetically distant species. I believe this may shed some light on an answer to your question.

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